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Finally, it should be noted that under the impetus of social politics, economics, technical conditions and the psychological needs of the audience, TV news media continue to pursue a more humane news information structure that can fully mobilize the sense of government, still looking for The more creative form of Uktvnow Apk Download news program has made the quality of TV news programs even better.

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Restriction is an important premise for the formation of TV news programs. Without limitation, there is no relatively fixed morphological feature of TV news programs. Judging from the actual situation of the development of TV news programs, the limitation of form is gradually increasing. This is the objective need of industrialized production of TV news programs, and is an inevitable choice for TV media in the information age. uktvnow

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Looking back at the development history of CCTV’s “Oriental Time and Space” column, we can see that it starts from a weakly defined starting point. After a long process of recognizing, it gradually forms a clearer face. The reason why it can become a recognizable TV column with certain styles has many reasons, such as filling in the gaps in the morning news program, such as the first in the news timeliness, such as the introduction Many excellent moderators with symbolic significance, such as the quality of the program has been relatively stable, the content, form and quality elements have played a decisive role.

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But today, there are fewer and fewer blank spaces. There are many programs in the same field that compete with each other. Every program needs its own characteristics, and it is difficult for viewers and producers to wait for a TV news program. The long process of forming characteristics, so it is limited in the process of program creation, and becomes a universal positioning method.

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The clear definition is conducive to the standardized production of TV news programs, which is conducive to the differential survival of TV news programs, and is conducive to the rapid formation of discernible memories. In fact, the innovation of the form of TV news programs is to some extent look for new forms of limited form, so that this form of TV news program is different from the form of TV news programs.

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“Shape” is a style or type, and “state” is a state of flow or change. Although reproducible and restrictive, the form of TV news programs is not fixed, but is constantly flowing: both forms are changing, sub-forms are being derived, and new forms are forming. “At some point, things that look like ‘standard’, ‘acceptable’ and ‘conventional’ will become obsolete, outdated, and no longer acceptable.”[4]

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The form of TV news programs has always been a dynamic concept. With the advent of the digital age, TV news programs are connected with new media such as Internet TV and mobile TV through inheritance, competition, complementarity, and coexistence. A concept of a large TV that integrates multiple audiovisual communication carriers is forming.

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Most of the current domestic TV media news programs have introduced Internet elements. For example, many TV news programs have opened up a network news section to directly embed Internet data, images and interactive processes into programs, increasing the broadness of information sources and the integration of information, such as directing Internet clicks on TV screens. Use the Internet for instant interaction, broaden the audience’s participation, and enhance the interactivity and selectivity of news.

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The new Internet TV with the computer screen as the audio-visual interface is often holding traditional TV, grabbing the content “Blue Ocean” and the concept of “TV 2.0” came into being. The content of IPTV news programs is taken from traditional TVs, and “the mode of communication is realized from the traditional radiation-centered communication centered on the Internet to a connected communication with each viewer as a node” [5] This has formed a new form of online TV news program that is more attractive to netizens, especially young netizens.

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With the full evolution of China Mobile’s mobile network from 2.5G to 3G, mobile phones are rapidly becoming the fourth screen after movies, TVs and computers.On February 1, 2003, less than ten minutes after the US space shuttle Columbia lost, hundreds of thousands of mobile phone users in China learned the news through short messages.

In early March 2004, China’s mobile entertainment portal – Airnet’s “Mobile Live” 76th Oscar Awards Ceremony. This is the first time in China that real-time coverage of large-scale Uktvnow Apk Download events using mobile phones.

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