Top 10 Places to Visit in Spain

Spain is wonderful. We have it all: an unequaled gastronomy, an amazing landscape contrast, a huge historical legacy … We have selected 30 places to visit in Spain, at least once in a lifetime. It is true that it is impossible to put them all here, but we have selected a little of everything and surely there are some that you do not know. Are you missing somewhere? Leave us a comment!

Top 10 Places to Visit in Spain

Top 10 Places to Visit in Spain

1. Siurana

Tarragona, Catalonia

Siurana is a fairytale town that evokes the memory of the Middle Ages. It is cloistered on the river and to conquer the town they needed the knights of four counts, because the castle of Siurana crossed a border that extended from Coll de Balaguer to Tamarit de Gaià. It was finally conquered in 1153 after the fall of Lleida and Tortosa which makes it the last redoubt of the reconquest. The most important building in Siurana is its Romanesque church, which has a portal with a figurative tympanum framed by three half-point archivolts. In addition, it is one of the most important climbing destinations in the country and in the world.

2. Salinas of San Pedro del Pinatar


The Regional Park of the Salinas de San Pedro, despite its small extension, is one of the destinations that you should visit once in your life. The park is located at the northern end of the Mar Menor and is a good example of the transformation of an old coastal lagoon into salt flats, which, to this day, continue to be a productive asset. Among the fauna and flora that you will find there is the coastal sabina, the reed, the reed, the little tern, the stork or the flamenco.

3. Chulilla

Valencia, Valencian Community

Chulilla is a Valencian municipality surrounded by a natural landscape of immense beauty. Rocks, natural pools, the Turia Canyon and lush forests make the municipality a must. But there are many more reasons to visit this curious corner: the Castle of Chulilla, declared a Historic Artistic Monument in 1981, is located on top of the hill that crowns the town; You will also find cave paintings in the Falfiguera ravine that represent human figures, groups of animals, isolated animals and even indecipherable motifs.

4. Laguardia

Álava, Euskadi

Laguardia is probably, and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in Rioja Alava. Not only will you enjoy the delicious Basque gastronomy in Laguardia, you will also admire the charm that the town has for itself. Among its attractions include the portico of Santa Maria de los Reyes, which corresponds to the late fourteenth century and whose polychromy was carried out in the seventeenth century; the clock in the Plaza Mayor is a symbol of the identity of this municipality and is composed of “El Cachimorro” and two dancers. You can not miss the Torre Abacial, the Church and San Juan tower or the subterranean caves of the municipality.

5. Almagro

Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha

Almagro, in the province of Ciudad Real, is a reference in Castilla-La Mancha and an essential destination. The Festival of Classical Theater of Almagro has become an essential event and a tourist attraction for its formula of corral theater. The city has been declared in its entirety Historical Artistic Set and it is that it envelops us in its culture, art, tradition and Castilian gastronomy. The Plaza Mayor, monumental and spacious, has a covered gallery supported by Tuscan columns that make it unique. Other points of interest are the Convent of the Incarnation or the Church of the Mother of God.

6. Cabárceno Nature Park

Obregón de Villaescusa, Cantabria

The Cabárceno Nature Park is not a conventional zoo, it is a space in which the beauty of the karstic landscape and the variety of species that inhabit it stand out. The facilities are the best valued by independent agencies that monitor the living conditions of animals. The park provides food for the animals and the rest of the activities are guided by the instinct of the different species.

7. Mallos de Riglos

Huesca, Aragón

The Mallos de Riglos, in the town of Riglos, is a capricious geological formation. There are trails that will allow you to take a tour of this natural monument. Near the last parking at the entrance of the town, there is the Tourism Office from which the path begins. As you go along the path you will discover a wonderful panoramic view of the Mallos.

8. Besalú

Girona, Catalonia

Besalú, in the Catalan province of Girona, is a village of medieval origin that developed around the Castle of Besalú, whose existence has been documented since the beginning of the 10th century. Other points of interest in the municipality are the Pont Vell, a work dating back to the 18th century. XI; the monastery of Sant Pere from the 10th century or the Casa Cornellà, one of the best preserved Romanesque buildings in Catalonia. Without a doubt, an essential destination.

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