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How do you balance the job with the life? In the series “How do you do that?” tell people how to organize their everyday life. This time, the 36-year-old Billy Wagner, owner of the Berlin restaurant has completed our questionnaire. My job: I am the owner and host of & Dirty and do everything but cook. September 2018 Calendar To Print My job is to run the restaurant, the guests have a good time here – and that they come at all. Of course, I do not do all this alone.

September 2018 Calendar To Print

I have a restaurant manager who collects hours, checks out, and checks that the tables are set correctly, was born in 1981 grew up in the  town of near . He trained as a restaurant specialist at the Hotel  Park in . In 2015, together with  he opened the  &  restaurant in Berlin-.

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Billy Wagner has been awarded several times as Sommelier of the Year. The  has been a Michelin star since 2016 and has ranked “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” since 2018. Weekly working hours: I work too much. At least 50 hours, sometimes 60. But at least I’m lucky enough to do something that fills me.

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I think it’s great to make people have a nice evening: I’m almost every night host a party. The party in my restaurant, however, has fixed times. This sometimes annoys me if I would like to quit earlier for a private appointment. When I’m invited by friends, I’m never at eight, but can only push by one. My ideal morning: When I go to bed, it’s often already light. That’s why my ideal morning starts the night before because I did not go to sleep late.

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I get up at ten, make a filter coffee, or drink a cold brew. Then I take a shower, first warm, later cold. I have a low blood pressure, which stimulates my circulation. Basically, I’m a big mumbo-jumbo and I do not want to talk to too many people, if you can. Except for my wife: she is a psychotherapist, so she does not have to leave the house early and is best to stay there so we can have breakfast together. And a morning is really good when I can lie down for an hour after breakfast and sleep until I leave the house at about 1 pm.

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“Basically, I’m a big dude and do not want to talk to too many people, if you can, except with my wife.” Billy Wagner, owner of My normal morning: Today he looked like this: I did not get to bed until four o’clock, but I had to get up at 10.30 because I wanted to wash my hair and shave.

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I cut myself insane because I was not paying attention. And then I realized that my car is not yet at the door, I have to take a taxi – and yet I came at the end of five minutes late to my appointment. I always do that first: I look through my e-mails on the phone. Sometimes I do that when I’m still in bed, but I try to avoid it.

Printable September 2018 Calendar To Print PDF Download

I usually answer later in the day. My calendar: I have only a few professional appointments – apart from my almost daily evening meeting from 18.30 clock when 30 to 40 guests come. Otherwise, I come to one or two appointments a day: sometimes I give an interview, I go to a wine tasting, sometimes I bring napkins to the tailor. I am glad that I do not have a thousand things on the calendar, as I often see it with other people.

September 2018 Calendar To Print

Nevertheless, my private life is planned pretty far in advance. The next month is full: eating out, going out, dating friends. I always try to block Sundays and Mondays for my wife, as well as a breakfast on September 2018 Calendar To Print Fridays at ten. My calendar is digital. I do not want to work with paper as much as possible. For this reason, for example, we do not have a reservation book in the restaurant but work with the booking platform Open Table.

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