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Blockchain, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. In the news you usually only hear of certain parts of the September 2018 Calendar Telugu. Mostly it’s the cryptocurrencies that should be used to compensate for the miners’ efforts. But behind all these technologies is mainly the Distributed Ledger technology. A secure and widely used accounting system that can also be used for other purposes. For example, special services can be set up based on these public or private ledgers. These data are then distributed, accessed and verified in one of the systems.

September 2018 Calendar Telugu

It is also possible to make contracts or other documents accessible online for anyone with a key to this document. However, contracts can also be made intelligently. Such so-called smart contracts can fulfill various functions and, for example, facilitate international trade, as the property, the insurance, payments, etc. are automatically triggered automatically at certain checkpoints if goods exceed them. Here’s more on the application possibilities of the blockchain.

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What sinNow Smart Contracts? Smart contracts are, in short, contracts that can be concluded without a middleman, such as a lawyer. Including contracts, sales, payments, Printable 2018 Calendar September Telugu Template that are settled automatically, since a smart contract is only triggered if all components of the contract are fulfilled. For example, a house can be sold and the land register entry is secured by blockchain.

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When the currency arrives, the land registry entry is automatically adjusted. Thus, there is no time loss for both parties to hire a middleman such as a lawyer, trustee, state, etc. Since the contract is only executed if all variables are available. Thus, it is also very easy to incorporate automatic functions such as expiration dates of contracts, elapsed time.

September 2018 Calendar Telugu

Ein another example would be here a rental car. The rights to drive the car, or to start, then start only when money has been deposited and the car is present. When everything is complete, the Smart Contract opens the car and the drive starts. For example, they can be used in logistics to track products accessible to everyone. This gives people the opportunity to trace drugs to identify potential counterfeit medicines.

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Once the car is turned off, the driver’s right of use ends and his account is debited with the amount. The economist Paul Krugman. Picture of Commonwealth Club via License: Creative Commons Nobel laureate Paul Krugman expects Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a commentary in the New York Times. He combines the usual arguments of 2013 with those of 2017.

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The commentary is sharp-tongued, but also has its weak points. Paul Krugman, 65, is thought to be one of the best-known economists in the world. The American has won the “Nobel Prize in Economics” and argues that free markets are good but not good enough to require no intervention. Thus, Krugman is in the middle between liberals and socialists, and is therefore criticized by both sides.

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But the economist is best known for his columns in The New York Times. In the most recent one, he has finally dedicated himself to cryptocurrencies. His commentary has the title “Why I’m a crypto-skeptic” and should not be met with enthusiasm in the crypto scene. On the whole, he repeats two criticisms that we have already heard enough: “The transaction costs and the lack of a work anchor.” Let’s take a closer look at what he says.

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Bitcoin does not reduce friction but creates it Krugman explains that the history of money tends to reduce the friction and expense of payments. First there were coins made of gold and September 2018 Calendar Telugu, but they not only needed a lot of security costs, but – and here it gets interesting: “a lot of resources cost to be produced.” Krugman counts the manufacturing costs of money to the economic friction, which causes it. That’s a point that you rarely hear.

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