September 2018 Calendar Spanish

My favorite workplace: At the counter in position one: The kitchen is in the center of the restaurant, the guests sit in the 28 seats around – and position one is on the edge. I’m close to the kitchen, get the conversations of the employees and watch what happens: Suppliers bring wine, a new gear is ready, September 2018 Calendar Spanish I can taste. Sometimes I then film a video for Instagram.

September 2018 Calendar Spanish

Otherwise, I often just sit there with my laptop and write emails. “Secretly there is always the worry: Tomorrow may come no more guests, then who pays the whole thing here?” Billy Wagner, owner of stress factor: I stress moments In which too many things happen at once, I have to make too many decisions quickly one after the other.

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When new guests are coming, other guests want to pay at the same time and the next course is finished – what will I do then? I try to play through such intense situations in advance, so that I can act consciously. Secretly there is always the worry: tomorrow may come no more guests. Then who pays the whole thing here?

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The restaurant is doing well, but so far we’re investing the money we earn back into the business. That means that there are still 80,000 euros of debt that we have to pay back. My breaks: In the afternoon, over to Café Westberlin, have a coffee and not think about work for 20 minutes.

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We have a garden behind the restaurant, because in the summer you can also run a round in a circle and make a phone call. The most important break is at 17.30 clock: our staff dinner. I try to always make it possible that we all sit at the table on time, so that we can eat together in peace. We cook with the same products that we use for the guests, but other dishes. Sometimes there is risotto, sometimes beans with bacon – and always dessert on Saturdays.

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My drug: It’s such a gastro-cliché, that’s why I emphasize this: never cocaine. I expect that from my co-workers. But I have never worked in a kitchen where cocaine was an issue, and I certainly do not want that. That’s not here. Other drugs like MDMA and LSD make people more charming. Cocaine makes people bad – they become arrogant and cocky.

Printable 2018 Calendar September Spanish Template

I myself need my sport and hopefully make it to the gym afterwards. If I have time, I go there also in the sauna. Otherwise, I walk regularly. “Because our workdays have shifted so much, we sleep in different rooms.” Billy Wagner, owner of Nobelhart & SchmutzigI am unavailable when: We take care of the guests.

Printable September 2018 Calendar Spanish PDF Download

And in the morning before nine o’clock, I really always sleep. When I’m awake, I’m always reachable – and even write a job SMS at night. When I’m sick: It depends on how sick I am. If it really does not work, I do not work. The last time is half a year ago: Since I was almost fluent.  posts in the cultural area to  Usually begins between half past twelve and half past one, when everything comes to an end here in the restaurant.

September 2018 Calendar Spanish

I then often work out a few emails to have an empty inbox – and sometimes I get out only at three or four o’clock. Maybe I’ll have something to eat in the restaurant kitchen, September 2018 Calendar Spanish I go to the Turk, eat a lentil soup and drink an ayran. At home I let the day fade away by catching up on the crime scene or watching a series. From time to time it will also be a consequence, so that sometimes I’m only about five in bed.

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