September 2018 Calendar South Africa

Supply Chain Management – sensors that assess the condition and location of individual goods and containers MonitoringMachine and System Monitoring – September 2018 Calendar South Africa sensors to monitor the activity and condition of machinery and equipment as an alternative to cloud technologiesHealthcare – As mentioned earlier in the chapter, intelligent sensors could record people’s biodata and be transmitted and stored securely by Blockchain , These are just a few examples of the possibilities of blockchain and there are sure to be more in the coming months and years.

September 2018 Calendar South Africa

The large variety of possible Smart Contracts will help to make our data safer and above all fail-safe, which will have a major impact on many areas. The economy is increasingly flooded by Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto and many other terms. However, these terms are often used as a synonym, which actually have nothing to do with it at all. This article is intended to help shed some light on the confusion and explain key terms such as Blockchain.

September 2018 Calendar South Africa

Smart Contract and other distributed ledger systems. Distributed Ledger Technology – Basics Explained Basically, Distributed Ledger technologies, on which all known systems like Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger etc. build, are quite easy to explain. Computers that are networked together conclude a consensus on their existing data. Thus, information is kept on different systems, verified and, if necessary, adjusted in common consensus.

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You can also consider distributed ledger technology as a decentralized accounting system. Each computer maintains its own accounting, compares it with the other computers and only if the majority has the same value, then this is also stored permanently. This joint coordination can take place at various levels (so-called consensus protocols).

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Thus, various systems such as Blockchain, Ethereum, etc. have been created which rely either on proof of work, proof of stake or votes / majority decisions. Distributed ledger technologies, no matter which consensus protocols are used, can be processed publicly, privately or even hybrid.

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Public Distributed Ledger means that the computers in a network are either spread over the Internet information to individuals and they process the information and verify the transactions. Typical examples of a Public Distributed Ledger system are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Here, each of the so-called “miner” gets a compensation for the effort of his computer, which he has with the processing of the data.

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This also means that certain transactions are generally chargeable, since the miners must be paid. Important in the public distribution is also the trust. In order to gain the trust, just the consensus protocols, as described above, must be followed. Or in return, only one computer is allowed in a Private Distributed Ledger system. This means that only controlled systems are allowed to process this information (eg company-owned servers).

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These systems are suitable e.g. Excellent for very system critical processes as well as to avoid high costs of the public system if no large number of miners are needed. In general, 3 servers are usually sufficient for a redundant and secure system. These servers are then verified and then trusted as a verifier. Thus, no additional consensus method needs to be performed, which ultimately saves considerable computational effort.

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Hybrid distributed legends combine both worlds and can ensure that the data is distributed through the public network permissionless, but only certain parts are processed by verified systems (permissioned). Difference between public and private distributed ledgers To get a September 2018 Calendar South Africa overview of the different technologies, here is a list of the most important things about public and private distributed ledger systems. Public vs. Private Distributed Ledger Overview Explained

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