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To achieve strong brand protection rec We therefore vie to search for identical and similar September 2018 Calendar Singapore brands, products, etc. before logging on. Especially with simple word marks is due to their less broad scope of a search is highly recommended, as well as extensive foreign registrations. The search provides information on whether the mark in the same or similar form in the desired countries / product areas already exists.For reasons, in the trademark Ideally, the trademark search should be repeated after 6 months (keyword “priority”) .

September 2018 Calendar Singapore

It takes time or experience and possibly expertise to carry out good research. If you want to research yourself, we recommend the following sources: Search for existing company names z. B. in “Companies A to Z” of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber or in the company, or on  the Internet using similar search engines and research services for similar / confusable names of companies, Internet addresses, products and services.

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The availability of domains can, for. For example, nic. at, for registered trademarks. A non-binding information on registered trademarks in Austria, which contain the desired wording identical, is also available at the Patent , international brands and brands Numerous national patent offices can be found in the search engine TM View.

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All valid in Austria brands, which are Austrian national brands, EU trademarks and international brands with protection in Austria can be found on  . All trademarks valid in Germany are available on register. dpma. de, Swiss national trademarks on  ch. A detailed similarity search is carried out, for example, at  by the Austrian Patent Office in the course of the filing of a trademark.

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In the clarification of their own legal position compared to the search results help patent or lawyers. These should be contracted before investing in brand building. Otherwise, you risk, September 2018 Calendar Singapore among other things, that the product, its packaging, folders, business cards, types of print or the home page (or the domain name) must change or destroy.

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Goods classification: What needs to be considered You will find information on the classification of goods in the current version of the Nice classification. The lists of goods and services facilitate the search for the right classes. The German Patent and Trademark Office offers German-language and multilingual online databases under DP  whose help one can search the appropriate classification.

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The Austrian Patent Office offers a comparable search function on tool of the Office for Harmonization. The experts of the Austrian Patent Office, the Chambers of Commerce or Patent and Attorneys-at-Laws can also help with the selection. If necessary, you can define the goods / services to be protected in the application even more. Although this restricts the scope of protection, it reduces the likelihood of conflicts.

Printable September 2018 Calendar Singapore PDF Download

Tip: When choosing the classes and listing the goods / services, also consider your future products, by-products and services for the next five years. Attorneys: Where can I find a patent attorney? Patent attorneys and lawyers are authorized to advise and represent their clients on all aspects of trademark protection. The list of Austrian patent attorneys can be found on the homepage of the The patent attorney advises and represents competent in all questions of detail, this is particularly important for international or EU trademark.

September 2018 Calendar Singapore

Make sure when commissioning a lawyer, that the corresponding trademark law expertise is available. Any questions? Use the consulting services of the Economic Chambers! The issue of trademark law / copyright / competition law can be complex on a case by case basis, so we recommend that you seek the advice of experts from the Chamber of Commerce, patent attorneys or specialized lawyers. Yet two important pointers to the conclusion September 2018 Calendar Singapore use of the sign ® is only allowed when the registration is actually If you use it before, a jealousy or competitor could very easily obtain a severe punishment for you. Some companies use the TM.

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