October 2018 Calendar UK

It has been twelve years since Germany was persuaded to be a “October 2018 Calendar UK” on the occasion of the Football World Cup. How fitting the term of the fairy tale was, you can currently observe. Since has declared his resignation from the national team, nothing remains of the nonchalance that the Germans attributed to them at the time.

Calendar October 2018, landscape orientation, small numerals, 1 page, with UK bank

Calendar October 2018, landscape orientation, 1 page, with UK bank holidays and week

Calendar October 2018 UK

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October 2018 Calendar UK

The World Champion of the Hearts is again world champion of pain. A sentence from  has hit a nerve, especially among younger Germans with a migrant background: “I am German when we win, but I am an immigrant when we lose.” The net is full of comments in which people report that they have similar experiences made.

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As long as you do not offend as a citizen with a foreign-sounding name, everything is fine. But woe, one dances out of line – just like with his bow to the autocratic Turkish head of state. Then you’re a foreigner in one go, even if you have a German passport. Infants German It is not up to anyone to mince such reports.

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Nobody, who is called, knows what it means to apply for a flat or job in Hamburg or Berlin with a Turkish name. No  knows the experience, despite perfect language skills in everyday life addressed in a kind of toddler German and be taken for granted. Nevertheless, there is a gap in settlement. The German public is not only reckless with top athletes who have a migrant background and return home without a cup.

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When the swimmer Franziska van Almsick did not achieve the desired performance at the Olympic Games in 2000, the media darling became a ridicule. “Franzi van bacon” she called a tabloid. The cyclist Jan Ullrich and of course Boris Becker also had similar experiences. Any deviation, whether athletic or private, was publicly exploited and commented on with malice or mischief. 2018 October Calendar Printable

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Athletes in other countries may experience similar experiences from time to time. But the way the German public collects and condemns their athletes is a special one. When three Swiss internationals made a double-headed eagle gesture at the World Cup, a well-known sign of Albanian nationalists, there was a heated discussion in the country. However, it calmed down comparatively quickly, and everyone involved still plays for Switzerland.

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A dream of «cool Germany» An important reason for the German exaggeration is the broken national feeling. The Germans still struggle with themselves and their history, more than any other people. Sporting successes allow them a form of pride that they otherwise forbid in any other life situation.


It was the October 2018 Calendar UKfirst time that the “miracle of Bern” (which the political scientist Arthur Heinrich later declared the “true birth of the Federal Republic”), and it will not end with  farewell from the national team. However, the role of the kicking pride producer is more complicated today than it was then. Helmut Rahn only had to score in 1954. His successors will be next to the square even the most exemplary representatives of that post-national “cool Germany”, which believes the country since his summer fairy tale.

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world class in kicking a ball. While some pick the farewell statements of the 29-year-old sentence by sentence, and then throw themselves into heated debates about what the man was allowed to say and what not, others declare the immigration society to have failed.

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He does not go because he has forgotten that, but because he no longer wants to be the ambassador of this selfish country. You can not really blame him.After Apple had released the new operating system iOS 11.4, October 2018 Calendar UK itself for English users a new function with the HomePod. These could also be accessed on the calendar to manage this by voice command. Now this feature should also be usable in this country.

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