October 2018 Calendar Singapore

Often enough, this means following the course of the river, October 2018 Calendar Singapore sometimes also swimming against the current , At the beginning of a new year, it is always exciting to ask yourself what new developments await us in the future? So I thought to myself: I ask experienced colleagues to give us their assessments of what 2018 will be about PR trends , come and go, betrayed.

October 2018 Calendar Singapore

In the digital age, where not oil, but attention is the new gold, we are curious what the communication professionals predict in terms of trends to reach that attention! Raphael Neuner, Managing Director, Hering Schuppener Consulting: Of course we are looking at the beginning of the year on what lies ahead.

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And of course, we will continue to use a bit of data for our work in 2018 and see how “big data” helps us to move forward. I think we will be dealing with live formats, AR / VR, and, most importantly, employee advocacy in 2018. If we do it well, it will be an exciting year for tools and formats. What is especially interesting: To see who manages to stand out in the canon of the Personal Brands with content.

October 2018 Calendar Singapore

Because not everyone lä nger post with a creative thought is equal to thought leadership. See which CEO is not just on LinkedIn because you do it that way. But who actually lives a different communication and thus leadership behavior in everyday life. And to see which companies, CEOs and communicators show a clear attitude Рon topics such as Europe.

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The fear of progress or a new togetherness. Granted, that’s more of a hope than a trend. But maybe at the end of the year we will see clearly who has gone ahead, who has shown leadership and attitude. Would not it be nice. Alexander Wilke, Head of Communications, Thyssen Krupp AG: What’s left, what’s coming? What comes, nobody can predict.

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But I think 2018 will be the year when we all need to get closer together in corporate communications. Successful and effective communication requires flexibility. Creative content must be brought quickly to the woman or the man, they should touch emotionally and – above all – be simple and easy to understand.

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The modern communicator is characterized by the fact that he is not afraid of change. He has to be agile and think in a networked way. There is no room for rigid hierarchies and professional work in the ivory tower. Transparency is the order of the day. The wide range of digital communication tools allows us for the first time that every employee anywhere in the world can play the role of a multiplier.

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Internal communication takes place mostly on the social media! This is a departure from everything else, because suddenly external voices shape the internal opinion. It’s both a challenge and an opportunity, and I want my communications staff to use this incredible potential. To do so, they need to work across project teams and work closely with other functions such as investor relations, strategy, human resources, or compliance.

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This requires a great deal of effort and the constant courage to go new ways. October 2018 Calendar Singapore everyone is ready for it. But for anyone who seizes the opportunity, corporate communication will remain what it has always been in 2018: the most exciting job in the company.

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