October 2018 Calendar Marathi

That’s 25 years ago. Luisa’s father Wolfgang had discovered a gap in the market at that time. “October 2018 Calendar Marathi teachers in the region were tired of the growing chunk of paperwork that came with the planning of everyday school life,” says the 59-year-old. Wolfgang Lückert, formerly himself in the GDR service, decided to tackle the problem.

October 2018 Calendar Marathi

He was supported not only by daughter Luisa, but also by her sister Jasmin and wife Heike. Shortly after its founding, the newly founded family business had already printed more than 1000 self-designed teacher calendars. Packed and shipped these were then in the basement of Straßberger apartment – and in Luisa’s nursery.


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A quarter of a century later, the company delivers annually more than half a million planners and calendars to several hundred German schools – not only in the Federal Republic. A world map with blue stickers on the premises shows that FLVG is now a global company. The blue dots mark locations in Canada, Argentina, the US and even Southeast Asia.

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October 2018 Calendar Marathi

The family business has moved several times, but never outside of Straßberg. From the 2013 related publishing house to the apartment of Lückerts there are only a few 100 meters. The managing director never wanted to follow the worrying trend of producing cheaply in Asia. October 2018 Printable Calendar

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This not only has to do with his commitment to the region, but also with tailor-made production, which is not possible abroad. Any school that orders calendars can have them customized. So not only the name of the school and the desired design appears on the cover, but also the names of the teachers on order.

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Elementary school students can even opt for one of two cover pictures on their calendars at any time. This is made possible by a legally protected fold-down removable cover. The company also developed October 2018 Calendar Australia a system with shortened blades. This saves paper and makes it unnecessary to print the days of the week on every single calendar page.

Free Marathi October 2018 Calendar Template Download

Many competitors in Germany have copied the principle, says Lückert. For three years, the individualized calendars are also available for companies. The company Maler Plauen was one of the first of about 30 companies in the region who bought FLVG diaries for their employees and as a giveaway for customers.

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“Because they produce that here in the region,” says CEO Andreas Stephan. Although he could get the calendars from elsewhere cheaper, apart from the regionality Stephan also convinced the quality. In addition to the hinged plastic sleeves, which ensure that the calendars do not look sloppy after a year of use, it is the details that inspire Stephan: including bookmarks, which can also be used as rulers or notes.

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Since its founding, the FLVG has had the Can increase sales, says Lückert and adds: “Paper has been on the rise for two years now.” In digitization, you still mix with – but with measure. The notes in the calendars can be photographed and stored automatically in a specially developed planning software. This only works in conjunction with a FLVG paper calendar. October 2018 Calendar Marathi, the program is still having a hard time deciphering handwriting. But this is being worked on, says Lückert. Numbers easily transfer the system.

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