October 2018 Calendar Editable

Franziska von Lewinski, CEO, Fischer Appelt: Of course, many of us had to explain between Christmas and New Year to their friends and families, what a blockchain is and what that October 2018 Calendar Editable to do with Bitcoin and if it’s still worth it. The financial experts on the podium of the Ludwig Erhard summit on the Tegernsee, from which I just returned, agreed that Bitcoin is a pure speculation topic.

October 2018 Calendar Editable

It has been discussed whether we need this virtualization of money at all. Time will tell. In my view, blockchain technology based on Bitcoin is the more interesting part of current developments.What makes Blockchain so interesting for communication? The answer has several facets.

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On the one hand, blockchain technology and enterprise use become a new communication topic , which brings a breath of fresh air to the digitization debate. On the other hand, we urgently need new October 2018 Calendar To Print technical solutions that ensure data security, for example on the topic of IoT (Internet of Things). The blockchain may be a new alternative here.

October 2018 Calendar Editable

In the long run, blockchains may cause disruption. Especially where intermediaries such as lawyers, lawyers or insurance companies are needed to facilitate transactions. Even in my own industry, which works with many intermediaries, such as the media agencies. Although the future will only show us where the blockchain hype takes us.

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However, it is exciting that the enthusiasm goes far beyond the circle of the internet technology community: cyberpunk meets investors, technology nerds meet marketers, lawyers are software developers , And that’s what makes Blockchain so exciting for me in 2018.

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Digitalisation has repeatedly shown that openness to new approaches and diverse mixed constellations are fertile ground for innovation. So stay curious . Sachar Klein, Founder and Chief Attention Officer, Hypr Berlin: The times we live in are moving: Trump, Putin, Erdogan and the AfD are causing our society to increasingly turn back to major political issues.

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This trend should also be taken up in the communication of companies. The magic word at the place is called “attitude”. Anyone who has one and dares to express it, will make headlines in 2018 – October 2018 Calendar Word and thus be able to find sympathizers beyond the core target group.

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In the professional context, I am convinced that LinkedIn will continue to prevail in Germany because the publishing tools on the platform meanwhile so strong that with good contributions, which offer added value to the community, a positive network effect develops fast Prof. Dr. Rene Seidenglanz, Vice President & Professor of Communication Sciences, Quadriga Hochschule Berlin: Good leadership and solid organization of communication will be crucial! 41 percent of PR managers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland want to change their employer – mainly because of dissatisfaction with their executives and because of the cooperation in their PR unit.

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Often, lack of involvement in the overall organization or too unclear decision-making processes or processes are criticized. This is a result of a recent study by the has a lot to catch up in terms of leadership. Communication practice is about the most effective campaign, the most far-reaching response, the biggest reputational gain or the best strategy. The fact that October 2018 Calendar Editable also has to be organized in professional structures and that teams have to be managed well is apparently too often neglected today.

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