October 2018 Calendar Canada

If you have a HomePod at home, you can now also manage your own calendar. October 2018 Calendar Canada entries can be created by voice command or appointments can be queried. For this you should only give a corresponding command to Siri. “Hey Siri, what’s scheduled for 3pm today?”

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Calendar October 2018 Canada

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October 2018 Calendar Canada

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October 2018 Calendar Canada

US users are now getting a first look at the planned collaboration between Alexa and Cortana, announced by Amazon and Microsoft about a year ago. According to this, Cortana can now be activated on echo speakers, Alexa can be used on Windows 10 and Cortana-enabled loudspeakers. The activation of the other assistant is done by voice input with a command like “Alexa, open Cortana”.

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The two language assistants can thus take advantage of the other system. Alex A users can register appointments with Cortana, for example, or have their recollections read aloud. Cortana users can use Alexa to control their smart home and order products on Amazon.

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Microsoft’s asset is the integration into Microsoft Outlook and the Office programs, Alexa, however, also scores through the numerous additional programs from third-party providers: In German-speaking countries, there are about 3,000 Alexa skills, in the US there are even 25,000 skills.

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Other features, such as about music streaming, are not yet available in the test phase. Moreover, it is still unclear when users in Austria and Germany can take advantage of the cooperation. In addition to a calendar query, appointments can also be compared or locations for already created appointments can be queried.

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The individual commands can be used intuitively. To use the function, you can use Apple’s official calendar via iCloud. But if you have a third party in use, it must still be linked to the Apple Calendar. Only then does the query of appointments work. The head of the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer.

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KTM Stefan Pierer spoke in an interview about electric mobility, racing with battery cars and the US electric car maker Tesla. For two-wheelers KTM is according to Pierer today the leading supplier of electricity models of fully electric cars he does not think much. He also sees the electric car racing series Formula E critically.

October 2018 Calendar Canada

“The electric races in the city are the perversion for me. E-racing series in the city are nonsense, “said Pierer. “You hear nothing, no audience. I think nothing of that. “The future of e-mobility is, according to the KTM chief, especially” the short distance and light vehicles, ie in the city “. After the boom of e-bikes and e-pedelecs mopeds are next. “There will also be light cars for the post office, delivery services.

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That’s all stop and go. I do not see them in overland traffic, “says Pierer. He argued that pure electric mobility was” a loss business “. “The manufacturers are forced to do

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it because of the October 2018 Calendar Canada¬†requirements, the diesel money (meaning probably” diesel gate “, ie the diesel crisis, d. Red.) Was not helpful.” Tesla boss Elon Musk Pierer sharply criticized: “There is one who fools people to perfection in this respect, that is Elon Musk.

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