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That the slightly older target group is also on Instagram is nice and good. But if you can not pick up the young audience on  you can do it less on Instagram. You November 2018 Calendar USA the hardware will shape the future of Snapchat. You have a Spectacles. What is behind it? It’s a really nice pair of sunglasses. I also like the shape very much. I have to admit that they are only made for a certain head size.

November 2018 Calendar USA

An acquaintance of mine with a larger head has tried it and they just do not fit. In principle Spectacles are glasses with a camera. A small push of a button on the record button is enough and the recording starts. The Spectacles are connected to my mobile phone and my Snapchat account via Bluetooth.

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When I take my phone and look at my snaps, the Spectacles present the shots to me in a kind of all-round view. And what do you like about it? I think it’s cool because it’s hardware that’s affiliated with Social. You can then edit the snaps of course. It’s a gadget that was certainly hyped up. Maybe sometimes wrong.

November 2018 Calendar USA

But it’s up In any case, very funny to walk around with the glasses. There are people who have the glasses replaced with optical sunglasses lenses. Until now, a concept has never been implemented in this way. The next version will be even cooler.

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At the moment, it’s a bauble and not an absolute must-have for businesses. Last week, Snap Inc. went public. After a while, finally some excitement on the market, after all, the IPO of Facebook is already a good five years ago.

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I myself have little idea of ​​the stock market, but would still like to give a few assessments of how Snap. can develop in the near future. Maybe even the next Apple? A comment. The signs for the IPO were not so cool now. Although Snap Inc. increased sales, losses increased significantly.

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In 2016, the loss was more than half a billion dollars. “Experts” see here rather a new Twitter than Facebook. More about the  IPO  is loved Man can really think about – or just drive to Los Angeles and talk to some bigger production studios there to get a feel to get for the valueI did the same thing and I was surprised – everyone is more than hyped when it comes to Snap.

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New user base, innovative ad formats, all great. Clear rejection towards Twitter, which is just too special. Why is the opinion of such people important for companies like Snap? Because these are the people with the coal. Coal they pay to promote the next Power Rangers movie on your platform. We have the parallels to Apple: companies are finding Snapchat sexy.

Editable November 2018 Calendar USA Templates

The ad model works. But: That would be too one-dimensional. The company Snap has to do more than rest on its own messenger. They got that and created a first hardware product with the Spectacles, which at the present time is more a toy than a technical innovation, but at least shows the way. A path towards Apple, which could soon pay off.

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How do I get that? Because of several parallels. Renamed by name Apple Apple Inc. was then called Apple Computer Inc., but then renamed Apple Inc. because they wanted to do more than computers.

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November 2018 Calendar USA was called Snapchat for a long time, but changed its name to Snap Inc. last year, because – quite rightly – they plan for more than a messenger whose functions can be copied Better Camera Glasses Snaps will not be a piece of hardware Become a producer.

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