November 2018 Calendar Spanish

November 2018 Calendar Spanish

It is positive, for example, that the new law should no longer benefit only the highly qualified, but also those who have a qualified vocational training and already a specific offer in their pockets. November 2018 Calendar Spanish It is also necessary to stop limiting labor migration to so-called shortage occupations, since skilled workers are sought in all sorts of industries.

November 2018 Calendar Spanish

That then, however, a concrete job offer must be present, then only comprehensible. That would not be necessary in a points system, what the SPD had originally sought.

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But, in the coalition agreement that does not happen anymore. In addition: Someone looking for work, should In 2017, there was the first tree tour through the Finally, you might think so.

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But with this discovery of the hidden park by real tree connoisseurs, the gem has also come a little more into the public eye. And also in the, so that Werner Franke, who designs a new calendar with designs from every year, decided this time to make this special park.

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Of course, he asks himself why one is not as active in other districts. The beauties of your own district you get so really only when you can bring on beautiful detours and distractions. At the bridge road, for example, via an on the right, and then finally come upon the hidden park.

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She created the family the mill owner family of – sometime around 1870. As a private park. She used the in the corridor, located between the and the  and at that time consisted of meadows and fruit trees.

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Which would certainly have resulted in a beautiful garden – but the zigzags followed a trend of the time and planted the park with special trees such as the chestnut tree, the tulip tree, black walnut and gingko.

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Presumably, a real garden architect was at work here, who created a park that creates new nature experiences around the year. And of course, the new calendar by Werner Franke will make you want to take your time and go on a discovery tour for twelve months – also because some of the “park dwellers” are portrayed in the picture.

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the blooming Bluestar as well as the sometimes appearing one Kingfisher. To say nothing of the squirrels, who feel particularly well here. And because the tours, where you can get to know the park under expert guidance, are already set for 2019, they are already registered.

November 2018 Calendar Spanish

Who wants to be there, can remember the 7th of April and the 6th of October.  does not want to miss such opportunities as a walking district encyclopedia when he hears that “Leipzig Details” has also included the quietly situated district in the south-west of Leipzig in its tour program.

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Contact was for Werner Franke the first, because so a tour also gets the necessary input from the insider. Because usually only the initiate sees what is really fascinating and absolutely worth seeing. And because you can see more, November 2018 Calendar Spanish if you can take a look, Werner Franke has also developed this leaflet tour with a total of 34 stations. Of course, such a two-hour tour ends right at the “”, his small village museum, where he collects everything that can be found.

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