November 2018 Calendar Singapore

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Viewing rates in the millions The concept works, in Germany, the ratings are right, which sometimes lie in the millions during the day. And that applies to all sports. Of the European November 2018 Calendar Singapore champions in the rowing double scull or of the new European champion at the balance beam one had so far taken as little notice as of the decision in the team pursuit of the Bahnradsportler.

November 2018 Calendar Singapore

This has now changed due to the European Championships. The continental title fights of the athletes have always had a strong media presence z, with some of the swimmers. But in their wake also top athletes of other sports now enjoy the TV lights.

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Functionaries hold back pleasantly The refreshing thing about the new format is that it is not yet a completely styled and over-drawn brand like the big sports brands,

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the World Cup and the Olympic Games.Also, officials hold back pleasantly with public appearances. No opening speeches by power politicians who like to instrumentalize such an event for their purposes.

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The athletes are the focus and that’s a good thing. In this respect, it is only to be hoped that there will be more editions of this format. Under one condition: If the interests of the athletes are still the center of attention and this competition is not overshadowed by the interests of sponsors and media in the long run.

Free Printable November 2018 Calendar Singapore PDF Template Download

In the sense of the athletes, the European Championships are planned by TV makers, but in the sense of the athletes , If more sports are likely to be added to the next edition in four years, then it’s to be hoped that TV images and advertising revenues are not the deciding factor.

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Of course, a sport like beach volleyball, which is being traded again and again, would be an addition to the program. But certainly not as TV-affine sport as hockey. If those responsible succeed in developing these European Championships with a sense of proportion and the right goal, they would have taken another step in the right direction.

Free Singapore November 2018 Calendar Template Download

And then they would even stand out from the European Games, the second continental event. This similar-sounding competition organized by the European Olympic Committee is the exact opposite. This is not about the interests of the athletes, this is about money, power and political influence. In a kind of replica of the Olympic Games here the gigantism is in the foreground.

November 2018 Calendar Singapore

There one celebrates for the large number of competitions and athletes, but does not ask whether an additional competition even fits in the already full calendar of the athletes. The result: a competition in most disciplines without top sporting level, but with all the negative sides, which one knows of Olympia for decades.

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The European Games are just a tired imitation, an art product. Also, the past days of the European Championships, which were simply a merger of existing competitions, namely European Championships, were an encouraging sign for the sport and the athletes. Hopefully it will stay that way. The frame fit.

Printable 2018 November Calendar Singapore Download

Sunshine, temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, palm trees and a five star hotel. The ITF had invited to Orlando for its annual General Assembly. And there were many bright faces in the Sunshine State of Florida. The reform of the Davis Cup, pushed by ITF President David Haggerty, can be completed. The November 2018 Calendar Singapore 118th oldest tennis team competition is being revolutionized. 71.4 percent of the voting associations voted in favor Рin order to overturn the old model, a two-thirds majority was needed. Not easy, says Haggerty.

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