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“Two-thirds is a big hurdle, and having mastered them shows that enough countries understand how important this reform is, what they can do for the ITF, tennis nations and tennis.” November 2018 Calendar Editable Gerard Piqué investment group pays ITF three billion eurosIn the meantime, the Davis Cup has been played on four weekends throughout the year – with the final at the end of November.

November 2018 Calendar Editable

From 2019 there will be a qualifying round with 24 teams in February – and then in November a one-week final tournament with 18 teams in a neutral place. In addition, the matches only go through two sets of wins – and only two singles and one doubles are played. And there will be money, a lot of money.

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An investment group founded by football pro Gerard Piqué will pay the ITF $ 3 billion over the next 25 years. “I think the Davis Cup has a lot of potential and we have to work hard to bring this competition back to the top of tennis.”

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Piqué had played a test match with FC Barcelona at home last night and then boarded the plane, arriving in Orlando only 30 minutes before the vote and only a few hours later on the return flight.

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But the effort seems to have paid off for him. Deutscher Tennis-Bund voted against the reformsDie satisfied, however, is Dirk Hordorff. The vice president of the German Tennis Association strolled visibly disappointed along the hotel corridor. His association had voted against the reform.

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“The key question is, will this competition be successful and will it make money n? For only if it is successful and makes money, one can assume that the obligations that are entered there, are met.

Free Editable November 2018 Calendar Template Download

And I have my doubts that an exhibition event against the will of the players and without the players can be successful. “Because in late November, the professionals are in the season break so far only two nations had to shorten this for the Davis Cup final.

Free Printable November 2018 Calendar Editable PDF Template Download

in the future, it should be 18. Germany’s number one, Alexander Zverev has already announced that he has no desire for the new format – and in November rather leave than playing tennis.Is the currency crisis in Turkey with the multi-billion dollar injection from Qatar now

November 2018 Calendar Editable

The problems remain unsolved, it is said in the financial markets, therefore, the skepticism prevails., Some investors are also worried about a contagion effect on the emerging markets.

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Ulrich Kater, chief economist of Deka Bank, however, calms: “It is an advantage today compared to the situation of ten, 20 years ago that the exchange rates are flexible.

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There were times when emerging economies fixed their exchange rates and then waited until the pressure was so November 2018 Calendar Editable great that a spark was enough to trigger a conflagration. Today we have flexible exchange rates. Due to the change in monetary policy, we are putting pressure on these exchange rates worldwide.

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