March 2019 Calendar Word

According to him, due to the low water level, which last weekend was -28, on Monday morning, according to the data of Croatian waters +5, the Danube was discontinued to sail the vessels with heavy March 2019 Calendar Word load, and since the water wave arrived, and they would in the next days you should sail again.


March 2019 Calendar Word

“The water wave currently in Hungary at Baje and Vukovar should arrive on Tuesday,” Barovic said. For the time being, the Danube can sail passenger ships and boats with lighter cargo. In 2003, the water level of the Danube at Vukovar was -68, and the record holds a water level of -110 from January 1909. The Commercial Court in Zagreb issued a decision initiating a preliminary procedure to determine the prerequisites for opening bankruptcy proceedings over Kompas Zagreb d.d. and


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convened a hearing on opening bankruptcy proceedings and a travel agency with more than 3.3 million kuna for outstanding liabilities on 12 December. The bankruptcy proposition was filed by the debtor Kompas Zagreb dd, claiming that he was not able to for payment and overpopulated. In addition, the proposal is prominent and too late to pay salaries to employees for more than thirty days and not to pay taxes and contributions related to employee salaries.


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In addition to this proposal, the Financial Agency’s certificate was issued in early October, stating that Kompas’s account was blocked and that by October 10 outstanding liabilities amounted to 3,314,722 kuna. The director of the travel agency Kompas Zagreb filed for bankruptcy filing on October 12, and then the majority owner of that company, Matko Bolanča, at a press conference stressed that details can not be said. “Based on the situation in Kompas Zagreb and the greater number of withdrawals from the arrangement, Kompas Zagreb Company has been eligible to file a bankruptcy request,” said Bolanča.

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In the spring of last year, the owner of Kompasa became Inspire Investments, which on behalf of the Inspire Fusion fund assumed 86 percent of the shares in that agency, and the contract was signed by Matko Bolanca for the fund’s account and the then majority owner and director of Kompas Ivan Pukšar. In the material that journalists received at a press conference on the filing of bankruptcy filings,


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it was stated that the Management Board received an audit report for 2017, which established a reasonable suspicion of accounting fraud for 2016 and the previous year. On the other hand, the former director of the agency Kompas Ivan Pukšar has rejected all the information provided by the current majority owner of the agency, claiming they are untrue.


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The Center for Missing and Abused Children (CNZD) on Monday, the International Day of the Internet, the Public Security Campaign, “Safe Security Click”, dedicated to child safety on the March 2019 Calendar Word Internet. “Security Click Value” aims to increase the safety of children online by providing practical advice to children and parents on e-security, but also by exchanging positive professional practice, said Tomislav Ramljak of the CNZD.

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