March 2019 Calendar With Holidays

In the beginning of August last year, there was a great delay in tram traffic that had caused the truck to stand at the beginning of Strossmayer Street. GPP put in three buses on the route to Višnjevac, March 2019 Calendar With Holidays but the delay lasted almost an hour. By August this year, in the Županijska Street, the BiH registration vehicle blocked the tram traffic. Called a spider, who came in 20 minutes.

March 2019 Calendar With Holidays


The whole stoppage lasted about 25 minutes, and there were two trams left in it. The third tram just encountered when the vehicle drove the spider, so it immediately passed. These are just a few examples. In all these cases, people who are waiting for their transportation in the time provided for in the timetable are most likely to suffer, and often late at their destination.


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Then he was guilty of the GPP, who actually did everything he could. One Christian book in Osijek was completed by the award of the Ecumenical Patent Laureate Academician Dr. sc. Josipu Bratulić at the ceremony at the Donjogradska synagogue on Wednesday, on the Day of Reformation. A longstanding reader of medieval literature and history of this reformation on the Croatian territories of the charter was given as an expression of deep gratitude and exceptional recognition for the excellent and courageous promotion of the ecumenical culture of dialogue, love and reciprocity.

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Academician dr. Sc. Josip Bratulić says that the Ecumenical Charter is far more than acknowledgment – that is to say that someone has taken up great value. This value begins with the word ecumenical, that is, people under the roof, it is a community of people, something we have to worry about – said Bratulić, whose charity was handed over by another distinguished scholar, Slavist and Croat, Stjepan Damjanovic. He pointed out that Dr. Sc. Josip Bratulic has been in our culture for decades.


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“I think that by researching old Slavic culture, Islamic glagolitism and Islamic Protestantism, and other topics, he always showed that we do not have to be petty, but that we all have to strive in a man next to him to recognize his brother or sister – said academician Stjepan Damjanovic.


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“This was a rare opportunity for all citizens of Osijek: to meet live with two excellent Croatian academics and acquaintances of literature and history and listen to their expositions,” said Dr. Peter Kuzmič, dean of the High Gospel Theological College in Osijek, adding that the charter is awarded precisely on The Reformation Day because this reformation in Europe brought the affirmation of human dignity, the freedom of conscience and the return of Christianity to scholarly sources.


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Voters of the Charter and Osijek Mayor Ivan Vrkić sent congratulations. The ecumenical charter has been awarded since 2005. Former graduates of the Ecumenical Charter were Mato Zovkić (2017), Fr. Bono Šagi-Bunić and Augistin Bašić (2014), Ivo Josipović (2013) Juraj Kolarić (2012), Academician Ivan Golub (2009. Fr March 2019 Calendar With Holidays Bonaventura Duda and Episcopal Archbishop Lavrentije Trifunović (2008) and Stanko Ježić (2005). The city of Osijek is looking for a dozen regular students who will work for 20 kuna per hour as assistants in elementary schools in the city – will help students with learning disabilities and socialization difficulties.

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