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As far as pedagogical-social work is concerned, the preferred profession is the pedagogical direction, so the ideal candidates for the students of the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Educational Knowledge and it is a great advantage if they are ready to work until the end of the school year. Applicants must be March 2019 Calendar USA ready for a quick start, immediately after the registration and introductory talks, if they meet the requirements of the employer.


March 2019 Calendar USA


Working hours are in shifts according to the schedule of school hours in which the students will be sent, and the salary is 20 kunas per hour. The deadline for application is open until enough students have been filled in. The president of the Sarvas Municipal Council, Ivana Davidovic, has been looking for a traffic light in Osijek Street from the competent administrative departments in the City of Osijek for two years, and this has not happened yet.


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We took advantage of our potentials and lobbied for the Croatian Roads, which will, according to announcements, be set up by the end of this year – said Ivan Radic, the president of the HDZ Osijek City Council, which convened a press conference on Wednesday at the intersection of Osijek and Streets Tina Ujević with the soccer field in Sarvas, pointing both to the heavy traffic and the necessity of setting a traffic light on that part of the state road 213.- We are concerned about the safety of pedestrians and all traffic participants – said Davidović.


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The heavy traffic of freight vehicles, they say, are also in Kolodvorska Street, where it is proposed to build an ungraded road from Borovska street to the state road D2. – The road exists, the property-legal relations have been resolved, the project is under construction, and for several years nothing happens. Building this road would create a prerequisite for redirecting a portion of the traffic that is going to the private company, thus improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of that street – she added.


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After the conference, a working meeting was also held with representatives of Croatian Roads, and regarding the project of extending the state road 213, which, said Davidovic, would also increase the safety of all residents in the suburban settlement Sarvas. In addition to extending the road from Nemetin to the border crossing Erdut, she pointed out that a bicycle route would also be built.



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“Many times we emphasized that we will be constructive, not a devastating opposition; a protest that will work for the benefit of the citizens of the city of Osijek, therefore we advocate for the equal development of all its parts – Radic concluded.

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This year’s event is the Moon of the Croatian Book dedicated to cultural heritage. The main topic is The Right Heritage, and the motto (U) is to read the legacy !, where the basic motive of the Glagolitic is a special feature of Croatian heritage, national and cultural identity. In Čepin National Library numerous March 2019 Calendar USA activities are held and this year also read under the stars, one hour per day, together, and they also organized reading of children DV Zvoncic Cepin.

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