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Finally, we are planning to release the Osijek Center for Autism at the beginning of the second half of this school year or early January 2019 – reveals the prefect of Anušić, recalling that on November March 2019 Calendar Templates 8th will be performed a technical inspection of the entire facility, after which with While the opening of the Center for Autism was planned on September 1 this year,

March 2019 Calendar Templates



Anušić emphasized at yesterday’s visit that the entire construction has accelerated for almost a year, which is extremely pleased also by Sanda Zlatarić, director of the Osijek Education Center and rehabilitation. – In addition to specific didactic equipment, the most interesting sensory spaces should be highlighted – sensor park, swimming pool and jacuzzi with sensory elements, computer sensor “Sensor magic”


March 2019 Calendar Templates Blank

March 2019 Calendar Templates Blank


and sensory integration unit, which will enable students, without disturbing children, to gain insight into the extensive processes rehabilitation. But, of course, we must be aware that neither the buildings nor the modern equipment make a good rehabilitation center, but highly qualified professional staff is in charge – says Zlataric, revealing that the new building will be able to accommodate 50 students in two shifts,


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a kindergarten, and school, which will also include programs for psychosocial support and early intervention. Subsequently, the director of the Center for Autism noted that 22 new employees will work per shift, and with twenty students who will be transferred from the Center for Education, Ivan Štark, It is also expected to fill the capacity of children who will be entitled to covered travel expenses.


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Your dedication and renunciation, which you have contributed to the development of the Osijek-Baranja County for years, are not measurable, and your work and activity are an example to others. These words were sent yesterday at the beginning of the award ceremony of the Charter of Humanity of the Osijek-Baranja County, Mayor Ivan Anušić, to all this year’s winners. Public recognition for human acts done in the area of ​​the Osijek-Baranja County this year was given by Štefica Čučak for organizing and providing humanitarian and other forms of human assistance and that it was proposed by the County


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Association of the Deaf and Hearing for the prize. The city of Valpovo recognized the sacrifice of its fellow citizen Maja Vujnovac and the Charter was given to care for children without parents, abandoned and other vulnerable children. This year’s winners are firefighters – Stjepan Klarić and Stjepan Jurman, who were awarded the Charter for taking actions that, at their own risk and self-sacrifice



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, eliminated from the other the threatening death, as well as other acts in the service for the protection of human lives. Among the winners is Ana Penić, the professor of English language, who was honored by the Charter because of her dedication to arousing solidarity and efficiency that promotes the values March 2019 Calendar Templates ​​of humanism. Finally, this public recognition was also given to 19 voluntary blood donors, who by their act enabled the healing of sick and injured.

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