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“The tram looked like someone was out of sight on every side. It was never clear to me that it happened because I thought it was a traffic accident – apologized to us. At the scene of the event, the police were March 2019 Calendar Telugu called, but since it is a city car that has damaged the city’s wires and semaphore, the evidence has not been carried out. For now it is not known what caused the part of the tram that led to this unusual accident.

March 2019 Calendar Telugu

In December last year the trams in Osijek were lit on two occasions. In one case, the tram was stormed on Strossmayer Street and the other on the main Osijek square, Ante Starčević Square. After a fire in Strossmayer Street, police reported that a fire occurred due to the overheating of the power supply system in the high-voltage box and the short circuit.


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The increase in social contributions is the great concern on the table of the domes of large companies when it comes to drawing their investment strategies and future employment. The Executive has delivered to Brussels a forecast of revenue increase of 1,100 million based on an increase of between 10 and 12% of the maximum contribution bases to salaries higher than 45,604 gross euros per year, a tax increase that will burst with strength in the accounts of the companies with the highest average salaries:

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the electricity companies, the banks and the financial and insurance sectors, as well as the information and communications and oil and mining companies. The three are the sectors with higher average salaries, according to the annual salary structure survey published by the INE.Business sources consulted by ABC detail that the biggest concern is raising the maximum contribution bases, and warn that it will mean a real blow to the costs to a significant number of companies, but fundamentally to those with more qualified employees and, therefore, with higher salaries.


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Large companies are watching with concern this measure that can jeopardize their investment strategies, business sources point out. Statistics reveals that the highest-paid sector is electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning, with 50,992 euros per year that more than double the average salary of 23,156 euros.


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It is followed by financial and insurance activities, with 42,684.65 euros per year, and information and communications, with 32,448 euros. It will also hit the rise of the highest social contributions to the oil companies, since the extractive industries are the next sector with better salaries, with average salaries of 32,400.69 euros.


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In these sectors there are many highly qualified professionals, such as engineers, who will be affected by the measure. By looking at the profiles that will most impact the measure, the INE indicates that the most affected by the rise in prices will be the directors and managers ( with an average salary of 50,530.8 euros), followed by technicians and professionals (with 37,049 euros).To this increase of the maximum base March 2019 Calendar Telugu could be added the dismantling of social contributions, a measure that the PSOE proposed months ago and now scrutinizes the Toledo Pact.

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