March 2019 Calendar South Africa

The High Gospel Theological College has been awarded the Ecumenical Charter since 2005 as an acknowledgment for an excellent and boldly promoting the ecumenical culture of dialogue, March 2019 Calendar South Africa love and reciprocity with prominent individuals from Croatia and wider. Past laureates are Mato Zovkic, Fr. Bono Sagi-Bunić, Augustin Bašić, Ivo Josipović, Juraj Kolarić, Academician Ivan Golub, Fr. Bonaventura Duda, Bishop Lavrentije Trifunović and Stanko Ježić.

March 2019 Calendar South Africa


Representatives of the Antunovac Municipality on Wednesday, October 31, on the occasion of the day All the saints, in memory of all the dead and dead locals, will lay a crown and light candles at the central crosses at the cemeteries in both municipal settlements. The head of the municipality of Antunovac, Davor Tubanjski, invited all the locals to increase their joint prayer with the presence of the reigning Andrija Vrbanić.

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The laying of wreaths in Antunovac will be held at 10 am and at 10:15 in Ivanovac. In the former Synagogue in Cvjetkova street, the last seven days translated into the fair space of the Week of the Christian Book, a round table “On life and death” in the organization of the Evangelical Church. It was a kind of presentation of the collection “Man and Death.” Theological, philosophical, bioethical and social approach “, published at the Institute of Social Sciences” Ivo Pilar “, the Croatian Catholic University and the Association of Posthumous Devices from Zagreb.


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The editor-in-chief of the book, prof. dr. sc. Ivan Markesic (Institute “Ivo Pilar”), and one of the editors, dr. sc. Boris Kozjak (Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb), and doc. dr. sc. Ivica Kelam (Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek) and prof. dr. sc. Peter Kuzmic (High Gospel Theological University of Osijek). The moderator was prof. Jaroslav Pecnik.


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The Proceedings contains works from the same interdisciplinary scientific and professional conference held from 14 to 16 September 2016 in Zagreb on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the Posmrtna pomoća iz Zagreba.- The Proceedings speaks of the basic notion of man’s relationship to death. We tried to provide an interdisciplinary approach so that we talk about death from the point of view of sociology, religious communities, medicine, law, art, architecture, meaning all areas of social life where we could ensure the participation of some of the scientists – Boris Kozjak.

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The unfortunate accident happened on Monday at about 8 o’clock in Divaltova street in Osijek, where the tram pulled the wires of the nearby traffic lights and crashed them on the ground. As we know, the accident happened when driving a tram that drove to Bikari left the so-called. graphite.


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This tram driver could not know, but when the tram came to where the wires crossed, the upper part of the trams literally flown and pulled the wires of the nearby traffic lights. The parts were down, March 2019 Calendar South Africa breaking the glass on the tram that fell into the vehicle. Also, the heavy heavy section fell by the tram. Fortunately, none of the passengers or passers-by were injured.

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