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After two days of representatives of NGOs from the Homeland War, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia, the Osijek-Baranja , The City of Osijek and the County launched candles on the graves of killed Croatian war veterans and visited the families of the dead whose bodies remained March 2019 Calendar Printable on the battlefield, today (Wednesday) at 8.15 pm in the military chaplain of St. Leopold Bogdan Mandic will be held mass murder for all killed Croatian war veterans in the Homeland War, and it will serve as a military chaplain, vlc. Josip Kešinović.


March 2019 Calendar Printable


Additional laying of wreaths to commemorate all killed Croatian war veterans and civilian victims of the Homeland War will be held at the Freedom Square, together with the members of the honorary tithes of the HV and the Ministry of Interior, as well as members of the Croatian Sokola County of Osijek-Baranja and numerous delegates and officials. Curtains will also be laid at the Central Cemetery at a common grave for unidentified victims from the Homeland War.

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Numerous wreaths and candles today and tomorrow, on the feast of All Saints, will also lay thousands of citizens who will tour the last resting places of their loved ones. The graveyard will be on the feast day, on 1st and 2nd November, open all day, ie 6 hours. Ukop Director Hrvoje Ostrički reminds that the cemetery burial administration will be open from 6 am to 6 pm and their employees will be available for all information and assistance.


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There is also an emergency phone 0800-9992, open for all complaints and irregularities, and the intervention teams are ready from 7 to 19 o’clock. Citizens can find more information on the website When it comes to car transport, a special regime applies. – Car entry will not be allowed on November 1, except for firefighters, police or emergency vehicles and Ukopa vehicles, said Hrvoje Ostrički, director of Ukop,


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adding that for all other days entry by car is allowed only for the transport of disabled and old and helpless persons – said Ostrički.When at the end of January last year started work on the most modern regional rehabilitation center for children with autistic spectrum disorders, yesterday by signing a contract on the repair of the entire facility marked one of the last stages of this project.

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Namely, Osijek-Baranja Prefect, Ivan Anusic, signed with the representatives of Ida Didacta, Conforme, E-glas and Sygma the contracts for the replacement of the new Center for Autism, for which was allocated 5.5 million kuna. Recall, the value of the whole project is 14.5 million kuna, of which 2 million are invested by the City of Osijek, 3.5 million comes from EU funds, while Osijek-Baranja County contributed 9.5 million kuna. –

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This facility will be active at national and regional level, and will also be March 2019 Calendar Printable used by children outside our county. From here to Zagreb, it will surely be the most modern in the context of rehabilitation, precisely because of the equipment that comes from the latest scientific and medical knowledge.

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