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In the Croatian Employers’ Association, on Monday, a measure of the Croatian Employment Service “Workplace Training” was introduced, focusing on the inclusion of the migrant population on the Croatian labor market. This relatively new CES is insufficiently used, although employers and March 2019 Calendar PDF unemployed, as well as members of the migrant population, offer a number of advantages, said at a presentation aimed at determining whether there are any administrative or

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other obstacles that hinder the better use of the measure. In the Croatian society at present there are about 650 migrants, and one of the key steps in their integration is employment and financial autonomy. This results in a threefold impact – faster inclusion of migrants into society,rational use of resources to help this population and addressing the chronic disadvantage of labor force in Croatia.

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HUP Director – Anny Brusic Small and Medium Enterprises Association said that other institutions should include the implementation of the measure . “We want entrepreneurs to demonstrate how migration integration system works in our country.Our goal is to show the extent of workplace training implemented by the CES, “said Brusić. The CES director of the International Mutual Assistance Department, Patricija Kezele, warned of difficulties in hiring because of lack of language. Migrants usually do not have the appropriate documents, so in the records of water they are without interest,


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and there are also cultural differences and women’s unpreparedness for the labor market. In job training, a person is not deleted from the records of the unemployed. Asylum-seekers are equal with Croatian citizens, have equal rights in the labor market and in the CES, says Kezele. Workplace placement measurements can only be carried out with the employer or in combination with the educational institution,


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which can take up to three or six months. The payee is entitled to a 700 kuna for mentoring per person, the paid theoretical fee and the examination of the qualification exam up to 7000 kuna , and the right to pay a medical examination fee. The petitioner is entitled to a minimum amount of 2752 kuna minimum salary, actual transport costs and insurance costs at HZMO and a contribution to the protection Occupational Health.


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Pavo Ćorluka, owner of the House for the Elderly and Infirm Immortality of Žorluka, who joined the CES, said that migrants are quite distrustful and that the problems of covering costs are not solved, for example by documenting a public notary or obtaining documents sanitary permits. She has shown from her personal experience that all five migrants who were in her job-training company founded a work relationship.


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His experiences were also voiced by Iranian Puria Javidi, who was trained to work in the kitchen at the House for the Elderly and Infirm People of Korcul. There he founded a working relationship and says he wants to stay, work and live in Croatia. Danube levels have reached record low levels in the last 15 years, but since March 2019 Calendar PDF Tuesday, the situation should change as the water wave coming from Hungary is due to normalize the Danube navigation, the port captain Ivan Barovic of the port of Vukovar said on Monday .

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