March 2019 Calendar Excel

Experts from the Polyclinic for the Protection of Children and Adolescents of the City of Zagreb, the TESA Psychological Center and the Luka Ritz Counseling Center have shared their March 2019 Calendar Excel work experience in child protection against Internet threats and have highlighted the problem of violence on the Internet. The goal of cyberbullying is to harass victim at all times of every day, explained Tanja Dejanovic from Psychiatric Center TESA.

March 2019 Calendar Excel


Since the beginning of the year, drivers of various types of vehicles have caused traffic accidents with trams and buses of Osijek City Passenger Transport (GPP) in 73 cases. Other drivers have been trampled with trams in 56 cases and 17 in buses. “Over the last five years, about 90 percent of the accident has been hacked by other drivers with GPP vehicles. Fortunately, there was no harder injured, but there was a material damage that could amount to tens of thousands of dollars – we know from Sanje Mršo, GPP marketing manager.


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After the traffic accidents that other GPP drivers have been hurting, GPP claims compensation from the insurance company the insurance policy of the driver who caused the accident and so was charged they are coming from them. During the year 2016,

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the City Passenger City of Osijek introduced its video surveillance system into its vehicles, and the cameras are also in the front and back of the vehicles so that it is immediately possible to find out who the traffic accident caused, and as we know from the GPP and the police are often used with the video surveillance team, and so quickly finds the culprit.

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“Unfortunately, in the accident, the driver is overwhelmed, but our drivers always do everything to ensure smooth traffic until the police arrive. The biggest problem is that a traveler who is to arrive on time at a destination is waiting somewhere, and does not know that his tram or bus has a traffic accident. Whenever a downturn happens, we are sending out to the field of extraordinary drivers and vehicles, but if there is a bigger delay, for example with a larger number of trams, passengers will still feel it – Sanja Mršo adds.


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As the marketing manager further adds, traffic accidents happen to everyone and things can not be avoided, but GPP has a lot of problems for drivers who are blocking tramlines every day with their improper parking. “We appeal to drivers to pay attention to improper parking, where most passengers are feeling late, because everybody happens to be on a raft or too close stripes, so that’s the reason for the traffic.

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Then you should find the owner of the vehicle and call the spider if it is working, and if it does not work, there is nothing left to wait for the vehicle owner to appear. It is already happening that the owners of the vehicle go to the wedding receptions in the concretary, so the tram traffic will be suspended until March 2019 Calendar Excel the wedding passes. It often happens that the drivers are properly parked, but do not pull out the handbrake and their car ends on the rail – said Mršo.

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