March 2019 Calendar Cute

They donated their blood hundreds and many times, and for this were awarded Zdenko Črešnjovnjak, Dragutin Zadravec, Josip Dvoržak, Josip Stjepanović, Stjepan Zelenić, Vlado Bašić, March 2019 Calendar Cute Drako Duk, Alen Hajba, Alen Ivanković, Zlatko Katavić, Stanko Rusić, Milan Šola, Danko Miclić, Tihomir Glasovac, Krunoslav Ščetar, Tihomir Kolambus, Đuro Gomboš, Ivica Hedži and Mirko Novak.

March 2019 Calendar Cute


– Make your society richer by your renunciation – said Mayor Anušić this year’s winners.Zagrebačke udruge Opera bb and Pet plus yesterday in the City Hall presented the project Klub 54+, which will be jointly implemented in eight Croatian cities, including Osijek. The aim of the project is to involve people older than 55 years in social activities with workshops for drumming, reading, singing, dancing and painting, which will contribute to the improvement of their creative skills and increase the level of their active participation in the life of the community.


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– We have noticed that social exclusion of the elderly in Slavonia the person is quite large so we chose Osijek as one of the cities in which we will carry out this project. We designed 127 different workshops with the goal of providing something new to these people, to discover their hidden talents and get involved in social life. Activities will take place at the Retirement Center, where there will be creative dance workshops, and the Reading Book Workshop will be held at the Poetry cafe Magis – said Andrea Radinger of Pet Plus.


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The conductor of the singing workshops will be famous opera singer Ronald Braus, who is also the president of Opera bb- We will work with smaller groups in voice education and conducting conducting, with the goal of the people participating in the workshops to be part of the final stage display. The third age is ideal for new knowledge and new learning, this population also has hearing and desires, and we want to encourage them to express themselves, “said Braus.


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The total value of the project is 900 thousand kuna, of which 15 percent is covered by the Ministry of Culture and the rest funds come from the European Social Fund. Humanitarian non-profit association Auxilium, in co-operation with the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS), successfully carried out another humanitarian campaign of voluntary blood donation entitled “Do the Good – Donate Blood”, in which 50 blood doses were collected.


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A special joy for the donor’s children Moltonko with her four-hour program, and City Red Cross Society Osijek all visit Itelie has been honored with beans and coffee. It returns well to the good confirms the seven-year persistence of the Auxilium Humanitarian Nonprofit Association, because of this and other ongoing humanitarian actions, there is an increasing number of members.


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After the summer was painted around a thousand square meters of the outer fence of the Retfala primary school, the associations “We want” and “Non-addiction” will start with other volunteer March 2019 Calendar Cute actions. The first in a row total of 16 actions that will be implemented will be the help of the youngest, ie pupils of the Primary School Retfal and Ivana Filipovic starting Monday.

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