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When we are building waste from our construction sites – we ask about Osijek builders entrepreneurs the carriers that these investors engage. Formerly a landfill of silent, concrete galleys, discarded tiles, tiles, reinforcements … at the entrance to Sarvaš has been closed for longer, and for the last month these wastes March 2019 Calendar Canada no longer come to Loncarica Velika. On the other hand, it is required of the investor / contractor to properly dispose of the waste.

March 2019 Calendar Canada

– The answer to the issue of waste disposal for more than two years is not within the competence of the local self-government units, as previously regulated by law. Local self-government (more) is not obliged to dispose of construction waste by law,


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but is a legal obligation of contractors to build recyclable yards / landfills – says Ljiljana Belajdžić, head of the Department of Construction, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection of the City of Osijek. Namely, with the Asbestos Waste Disposal and Waste Directive (August 2016), the obligation of cities and municipalities has been abolished to ensure the takeover of construction waste from its area, as stipulated by the provisions of the previous Ordinance, from 2008.


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However, in order to prevent improper use disposal of this type of waste, and continuing the activities already started following pre-existing regulations, the City of Osijek completes the operations related to the built part of the recyclable yard for construction waste in Sarvaš necessary for obtaining the required work permits for construction waste disposal.- Information on several times distributed to the public, and parties can receive all the necessary information on their inquiries on a daily basis at the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Waste Management at our department.


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Notice on the possibilities of disposal of construction waste in the city area, following the changed legal framework, was published on the website of the City for the first time in March last year – reminds our interlocutor. The recyclable yard for construction waste in Sarvaš will function by the end of the year and construction entrepreneurs until then would be familiar with the conditions and cost of waste disposal so that for the next construction season they could calculate the costs of their business (read: disposal of construction waste), including the costs of the newly built recycled yard in Sarvaš.


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Now they have access to disposal facilities in Donji Miholjac, Vukovar and Belom Manastir, as well as the services of other authorized restorers, whose data are publicly available in the Permit Registry and certificate for management of construction waste. The land is disposed of in Loncarica Velika, which is brought to the linkage with construction works and disposal of construction waste Belajdžić emphasizes that this landfill is primarily intended for communal waste. Unicom,



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as an operator of this landfill, has the obligation to cover land waste as an inert material, and as they do not have enough supplies themselves, they are able to engage (floor) excavators March 2019 Calendar Canada who have excavated land. Namely, according to the Environmental Permit it is allowed to annually accept and dispose of 1000 tonnes of excavated earth for mixed layers of mixed municipal waste.

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