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with the obligation to provide appropriate supporting documentation. As Unike is thus limited by the prescribed quantities and type of waste that it laughs to receive, it is adapted to the dynamics March 2019 Calendar Australia of the aforementioned, where no one, and therefore Unik as an operator, is not privileged in any way to deal with the land or in any other matter or on some other grounds when it comes to disposal of construction waste.

March 2019 Calendar Australia


Even Unike, or anyone else, does not charge the land for the disposal of land – emphasizes head of the Belajdžić. In Fornix yard, a transfer of eight Renault Zoe electric cars was held on Tuesday, as part of the I-SharE LIFE project. Namely, Osijek is one of the selected cities for the implementation of this project, co-funded by the European Union program “Life”, which aims to demonstrate the technological and economical feasibility of the electric vehicle distribution model.



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In the focus of this project, with the general aim of reducing the number of conventional internal combustion vehicles in use, reducing the pressure of harmful emission particles into the atmosphere, the smaller and middle urban areas of the European Union, and in addition to Osijek will be implemented in the cities of Bergamo, Como , Bollate and Busto Arsizio in Lombard in Italy.


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Users of this service will be able to access mobile applications, smarts, book a ride and drive an electric vehicle between eight locations in the city, and thirty minutes drive will pay eleven kuna, how much is the city and bus ticket price, while the maximum car available to the user will be two hours. “A person will be registered with a smartphone to see where the vehicles are located and where they can get them,” said Srecko Kukić, head of the Head of the European Union Department of the City of Osijek.

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The car will be able to be left on existing electric barges (in front of HEP, Gajeva square, campus, in front of Portanova), as well as on the bottles that will run in our town soon (at the Gradski vrt hall, near the remize GPP, at the railway station and at BIOS) .


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– Today we have vehicles and we will test car sharing within the city company system and it will last until our Italian partners receive software or application for citizens, which we expect in March or April of next year – said Kukić. Coordinator of the project is the Italian company Ferrovie Nord Milano, and partners from Croatia are Dyvolve and the City of Osijek. I-SharE LIFE is worth EUR 5.8 million and the City of Osijek shares amount to EUR 450 thousand.

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If the results are satisfactory, it plans to include numerous cities in Italy and Croatia, and the project duration is expected by the end of June 2021.- I use this opportunity to praise the domestic partners on this unique project because such a form of integration of transport is not known in Croatia. After we March 2019 Calendar Australia test the project within city companies, we will create a public system that is best used by our citizens – said Mayor Ivan Vrkic.

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