January 2019 Calendar USA

It turns out that universities do not yet sufficiently rely on innovative offers. Millions of Germans play on the computer or on a smartphone – as demonstrated by the huge success of Pokémon January 2019 Calendar USA Go. From 18.- 21.08. Cologne hosts the video and computer games fair gamescom.

January 2019 Calendar USA

Believes that the tickets for private individuals were already sold out at the end of July is the great interest in computer and video games in this country. Gaming has become firmly established across all age groups and is one of the most popular digital media along with music or film offerings.

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Gaming Trend Virtual Reality Innovative technologies such as augmented reality or the increased use of virtual reality technologies are changing the gaming market rapidly. Time and again new technologies come onto the market, which have an impact on the industry and the gaming experience of gamers.

January 2019 Calendar USA

An important gaming trend that is already emerging and will continue to occupy the industry in the coming years is the use of virtual reality technologies. With the help of special Virtual Reality glasses, a 3D effect is created, which allows players to immerse themselves even more intensively in the gameplay.

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Gaming as Community Sport Gaming has also become a social event. The athletic competition among computer gamers – also known as e-sports – has become enormously professional in recent years. Already, gaming tournaments and championships fill stadiums with thousands of spectators.

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Professional players can compete against each other in different disciplines on PCs or game consoles. More about the current gaming trends can be found on this topic page. Our topic of privacy and new technologies includes the so-called fourth industrial revolution and its consequences.

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The inter connectedness of man and machine has an impact on the informational self-determination of personal data. More and more national companies are becoming global players and are bringing new effects to our everyday working lives as a result of globalization.

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Internet-enabled devices replace well-known work routines and document every work step. For individual employees, the everyday work changes seriously and not always in their favor. In order to make companies do not work at the expense of employees, the works council is committed to your rights.

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Mehmet has been working for 20 years in an industrial company. He procures material and cuts it according to specifications. On foot, he follows the onward transport and operates the machines at the press of a button. Recently, Mehmet controls processing and transport only by laptop, which makes him very unsure. He wonders if he’s even qualified to run the new software. In addition, he feels controlled by his continuous use of the laptop. January 2019 Calendar USA What the works council does: When work processes change, the works council demands its right to co-determination.

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