January 2019 Calendar UK

In our example, results for the employees a performance and behavioral control. Even before a new software is introduced, the works council has a right to co-determination. January 2019 Calendar UK So he makes an operating agreement early. To protect its employees, it regulates how the company introduces new software and hardware.

January 2019 Calendar UK

It also pays special attention to the storage and processing of personal data. The DGB Bildungswerk qualifies works councils for the topic of data protection and new technologies. Our trade union seminars have a deliberately small group size. So we have a lot of time to exchange ideas and to discuss problems of your professional life.

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Our seminars on employee privacy 1-3 build on each other. In workshops you supplement your knowledge on specific topics. In addition, we offer training in data protection and data security. In our events we teach you the importance of data protection in companies. You gain an awareness of all the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies.

January 2019 Calendar UK

We develop concrete options for action that you can take with you into your company. The Forum Employee Data Protection has traditionally been held in the Hattingen Convention Center for more than 10 years. Every year, at the forum, we discuss with Fachexpert_innen about current topics and changes in the law around the topic of data protection and new technologies.

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Stefan Cors is responsible for data protection and new technologies at the DGB Bildungswerk. He is himself a member of the works council and regards data protection as the core task of works councils: “Of all employers and employees about half of the data protection is important, the other half finds it unnecessary.

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Addressing this dichotomy and enduring the tension between the groups is the task of the works council! “Our lives are causing a never-ending stream of new data. After getting up, Telekom and Vodafone register when our smartphones connect to the network. On the way to the city, traffic control systems measure how quickly commuters can move forward.

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Anyway, Facebook will tell us what’s on our minds. Much more data is being created by logistics companies, banks and research institutes. This stream of data is merging companies into an ever more accurate reflection of our reality. Because from the sea of ​​information

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However, this does not benefit the general public, because companies generally do not share the data. Dirk Helbing wants to change that. The risk researcher of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) wants to merge all publicly available data in a gigantic electronic brain – in a kind of public Wikipedia of information.

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