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In different settings, Siegel and his team want to use such a device to increase the participants’ awareness and promote their attachment. The fact that esoteric statements on technological innovations meet January 2019 Calendar South Africa with this is shown by a visit of an experiment by Consciousness Hacking with test persons.

January 2019 Calendar South Africa

Microcontrollers and Sensors It takes about two hours to prepare for such an experiment. It includes the configuration of the software and hardware, which consists of three audio interfaces, a central computer, four microcontrollers, 24 sensors and headphone units.

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Each participant receives as equipment headphones, an RGB LED and a physiological signal amplifier. The latter perceives extremely tiny biopotentials generated by the human body and translates them into a form that computer frameworks can understand. This amp can detect, for example, ECG, EEG, respiration, blood volume pulses, and skin temperature.

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tedx talks At a TEDx in Santa Cruz, California, Mikey Siegel presented his idea of ​​Consciousness Hacking. Balls of light to biosignals Sitting in a circle and attached to the body with sensors, computer-controlled, colored spheres of light are placed in front of each participant.

January 2019 Calendar South Africa

These track the biosignals, together with a central spherical light display in the middle of the room, which reflects the signals in different ways. While in the first part of the experiment different pitches describe the breathing depth, the light balls assume corresponding light intensities.

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Meanwhile, the participants perceive via the headphones their own, transformed into sound breathing. The exclusive perception of sound and light, as well as the reflection on the breathing itself, are reminiscent of the breathing meditation, a meditation exercise in which one concentrates either on the tip of the nose or on the raising and lowering of the abdomen to calm the thoughts.

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In California setting, you focus on sound and light. Mindfulness and distraction Why is new technology needed as a tool for self-awareness? As Mikey Siegel says, “Most technological achievements have little to do with awareness and awareness, distracting us or directing our attention to making a profit, such as our smartphones or computers.” Siegel, however, believes that this must necessarily be the case.

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“Technology has the potential to move in a new direction: away from isolation, towards interpersonal connectivity, wellbeing and self-discovery.” The second part of the experiment focuses on the heart. This is more exciting than the first part, because here the electrical activities of the heart muscle fibers are converted into light and sound impulses and this time the participants have the opportunity to perceive not only their own but also that of their neighbor.

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So you hold the other person’s ball of light in his hand, hear his heartbeat, and look each other in the eye for several minutes. It even flows a tear or two. photo: January 2019 Calendar South Africa mikey siegel In Consciousness Hacking, the group focuses on the heartbeat of a participant – visualized by the light sphere in the middle.

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