January 2019 Calendar Cute

Demand for external expertise in digitalization projects is also growing Customer interfaces for example in the form of new, user-friendly front-ends for web portals and apps, January 2019 Calendar Cute the automation of customer interaction using AI (for example chat bots) or digital marketing topics such as programmatic advertising.

January 2019 Calendar Cute

“For this there is still a lack of internal experts, so that the demand for this topic from the perspective of suppliers with 84 percent remains the strongest,” said Zillmann weiter.Der study, the surveyed service providers – including the 25 leading IT consulting and System integration companies – an increased demand for their IT security and data security services (81%).

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More than three-fourths (79%) of those companies require more support in launching new cloud services through advice on their cloud strategy, sourcing options, and the implementation, orchestration, and networking of various cloud solutions examined providers.

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Big Data Analytics technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) services are other areas of support that IT service providers are increasingly focusing on. But new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, whose maturity levels are increasing rapidly, are playing an increasingly important role.

January 2019 Calendar Cute

“However, leading IT service providers are increasingly unable to accept orders due to their full order books,” says Mario Zillmann. “Winners of this circumstance are the medium-sized IT service providers, who, for example, expect stronger demands in the field of process automation than the overall market.

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” At the Beginning of the Digital Transformation The planning of the IT service providers surveyed largely coincides with that of 137 large user companies, which are responsible for the current Lünendonk study were interviewed in parallel. For example, the introduction of new business applications is a priority for nearly three-quarters (71%).

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“This shows that most large companies and corporations are still at the beginning of their digital transformation, as they are only now increasingly digitizing their business processes through modern software solutions, “says Zillmann. “However, the progress and implementation of digitization goals will now be visible through increased investment in new business software.”

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the more companies for cloud-based applications that are hosted either in their own data centers in a private cloud environment or in the public cloud, such as digital marketing solutions. According to Lünendonk, other reasons for using the infrastructure of cloud providers are the complete digital mapping of processes, the addition of standard components to other components such as Artificial Intelligence or security tools, significantly faster deployment times and thus faster time-to-value.

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More Business-driven IT Projects EverIn the past two years, the number of business-driven IT projects has risen by about a third in every second surveyed company. However, the majority has difficulty implementing all business related projects. At 68 percent, the most common reason given for this was the inadequate provision of qualified personnel in the IT department for implementation. January 2019 Calendar Cute Lack of specialist and technology know-how for new topics is a problem for 52 percent. For example, there is a lack of experts in the field of AI, blockchain, cloud migration or agile processes such as SAFE, LesS, DevOps and KanBan.

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