January 2019 Calendar Canada

“With this we want to minimize risks of a possible interruption of the parts delivery by a Brexit without follow-up agreement with the EU.” The company estimates the probability as low, that it January 2019 Calendar Canada comes to a hard Brexit. But BMW relies on safety, “and we can do it a little bit ourselves”.

January 2019 Calendar Canada

This decision helps to secure the location in Oxford. Great Britain wants to leave the EU at the end of March 2019. Through sophisticated data analysis, the system should be able to identify even the smallest, seismographic oscillations of our society. It should be able to predict what impact our actions have on the economy and society.

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Why is there traffic jams or mass panic? Where do banks threaten to collapse? Under what conditions do authoritarian regimes crash? Such questions should answer the new super brain with the help of economic figures, demographic data, news, travel data and Twitter messages.

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As a guide, we have listed again the ten most important technology trends for 2016. It is well known and adequately discussed that many occupations are rapidly changing and expertise in a digital world is quickly becoming obsolete. It does not matter if you work in marketing, accounting, human resources, logistics or IT:

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what was the latest technology last year is already partly obsolete today. Anyone who wants to make a career and depend on the competition must therefore bring with them digital skills and constantly learn. Unfortunately, many companies neglect to digitally train their employees.

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Partly because they themselves have no plan and embarrassment also do not ask. Partly because they simply underestimate the dimension of change. So instead of waiting for employers to rethink, you should take action yourself and plan your digital career!

January 2019 Calendar Canada

Digital literacy is not a collection of expertise but methodology The classical adult education has its focus on expertise. The goal is therefore usually to learn new information. Accordingly, the standard process usually looks like you’re being put in a room and being told something by someone else.

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(We all know advanced training seminars, where you get handouts with bullet points and one PowerPoint follows the next). They are very popular with employers, because they can quickly and easily tick off the topic of employee education. The problem is that in a digital world, they often do not communicate relevant knowledge and they do not. Digital literacy is not simply expertise, but rather methodology.


Digital compeDownload Calendar January 2019 Canada Freetence means being able to orient oneself and having a reliable internal “navigation system” for digital topics in one’s own area of ​​expertise. Who are the international thought leaders, what technologies are used by leading companies, what are the relevant skills of my employees and myself? Of course, this does not mean that expertise is irrelevant – it means that you yourself develop a sense of the importance of January 2019 Calendar Canada certain knowledge and get it on its own. And that happens all the time and not once a year at a seminar.

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