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Increasing consumer interest, lower transaction fees and fraud protection make cryptocurrencies more attractive to wholesalers. Itemized Receipt Template Sebastian Markowsky, director of technology investment bank GP Bullhound, therefore predicts currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin to have a successful year:

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“Who thought last year will be a successful year for these currencies, whose expectations will be topped this year. Regulation and professionalization are developing fast. Litecoin is especially interesting for retailers. “Secure payment methods are coming to the foreOnline.

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shopping is booming, users everywhere are leaving behind their data, especially their private means of payment. As a result, the risk of credit card misuse has already increased massively and threatens to increase in the coming years. This problem must solve financial service providers. They put more emphasis on artificial intelligence.

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For example, Mastercard has acquired Brighterion, a software company specializing in AI. But not only payment details, but also other personal information is at risk. Especially with networked household appliances, more and more security vulnerabilities are revealed.

Printable Restaurant Invoice Itemized Receipt Template

That’s why Markowsky of GP Bullhound expects new technologies, especially in this area: “I think everyone has seen the reports with some Internet-connected stuffed animals that are easy to hack. There is a lot of catching up to do here.

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“He suspects that new platforms will emerge in 2018 that will help households protect themselves.Internet of Things: How Artificial Intelligence Helps Customer ServiceINTERNET OF THINGSHow Artificial Intelligence Helps Customer Service Technology Affects PoliticsIn the past US election campaign.

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it has also become clear just let politically motivated campaigns be channeled through Google and Facebook. For Sebastian Markowsky, the interplay of politics and technology is therefore the most interesting trend in 2018:

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“Social media will be heavily regulated. The is important and correct, because the dominance of Google and Facebook is extreme there. “Alone the advertising expenditures per year in the digital sector would amount to almost two-thirds Itemized Receipt Template 5of the two companies.


“It’s immense and not healthy,” says Markowsky. One of the main tasks for politics and corporations will be to regulate the interaction. Decision in the race for self-driving AutoWaymo, Itemized Receipt Template Uber and other tech and car companies have long been a competition in the development of self-driving cars.

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