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BI Intelligence believes this contest will end in 2018. At least it is believed that this year the first autonomous cars should come on the road. However, who will be the actual Character Reference Letter Template winner in the fight for the car without a driver, will only turn out with the long-term development of the vehicles.

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By 2020, they account for 40 percent of American consumers, and they are also one of the largest consumer groups in Germany. The Gen Z is the first generation that grew up exclusively in the digital age. They are mainly use the smartphone, unlike their predecessor generation are more realistic than optimistic and have an extremely short attention span.

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This year, the market will have to adapt to just this group – especially for the marketing departments a difficult task. The mobile phone replaces the TV – at least in China Among the Smartphone Generation Z, the market is developing in China: The Chinese are, regardless of age, strongly fixed on her cell phone.

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This is due, among other things, to the ever decreasing price of equipment. GP Bullhound expects mobile phone use in China to catch up with TV consumption later this year and even overtake it in the next 24 months.

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China is an extreme example of a global trend – but it will take a while until the smartphone replaces the TV in Germany. Photography: Kodak develops its own cryptocurrency PHOTOGRAPHY Kodak develops its own cryptocurrency

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translation software Communication between companies and customers around the world could come this year to be a lot easier. Google has been working on headphones for a long time, translating conversations in real time. GP Bullhound expects more than a billion users of the latest translation technologies in 2018.

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As early as 2016, 500 million people used Google’s translator service. The end of the emailNot only production and distribution, but also communication becomes more efficient through technology.

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About 50 years ago, e-mail facilitated non-verbal communication. According to Markowsky, the electronic letter 2018 will be replaced by chat tools: “Email usage will fall from 2018 onwards. What is happening now is a new era. Alone the fair-going service Slack is already used by 40 of the “Fortune 100”.

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If such tools are used on an international scale, then smaller companies will follow suit. “In addition to Slack, companies such Character Reference Letter Template¬†as Asana or Trello offer applications that can gradually replace traditional mail traffic.

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