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The research project HELMETH at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has even this year managed to achieve an efficiency of 75 percent. Even more efficient would be to distribute the power so smartly, that it can be used February 2019 Calendar To Print immediately. In order to be able to transport the electricity quickly to where it is needed, the power grids would have to be better developed.

February 2019 Calendar To Print

In addition, power-to-gas is ecologically meaningful only if it does not store electricity from fossil fuels. When producing electricity from lignite, CO2 is automatically produced. If it were used to produce methane and then burn it in a gas-fired power plant, there would be more emissions. And because the efficiency is so low, would also be lost electricity. Green electricity

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providers: The best comparedBestlist: Green electricity providers: The best in comparisonEurope providers such as Naturstrom, EWS and Greenpeace Energy provide clean electricity from renewable energy sources – for example … Read moreWhen is power-to-gas environmentally meaningful Under these circumstances, power-to-gas can be put to good use:

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Power-to-gas must only be used to store surplus electricity from renewable energy sources.The technology must achieve the highest possible efficiency.When using carbon dioxide from the atmosphere In order to produce methane, the process is even more climate-friendly. Emissions from power plants can also be used. Expanding electricity grids and further improving other

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storage technologies, such as batteries, is currently more environmentally friendly than power-to-gas. But if our electricity should come exclusively from renewable energies in the future, the technology is essential. In Germany there are already gas storage tanks that can store a lot of gas for a long time without much effort. Since different amounts of green electricity are

Free To Print February 2019 Calendar Template Download

produced depending on the season, technologies such as power-to-gas would be required to supply households with electricity throughout the year. Clothing made of wood or old fishing nets? Jackets and zippers that consist of castor oil? That’s fine! With the Green Shape Core Collection, VAUDE is showing the way for consistently sustainable outdoor equipment. Historically,

February 2019 Calendar To Print

crude oil was the starting material for most outdoor products, from waterproof jackets to backpacks, sleeping bags and shoes. In addition a lot of chemistry for a lot of performance. Especially with membrane and the water-repellent impregnation also often environmentally harmful fluorine chemistry (PFC) is used. For years, the outdoor brands have provided a technological arms race for the lightest jacket, the highest water column and the best breathability. But the outdoor specialist VAUDE, a

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family-owned company based at Lake Constance, has opted for a different, green way. Away from oil, onward to nature. With a pioneering spirit and a lot of “green lifeblood”, the product developers have created a small, self-contained collection that is made for gentle enjoyment of nature.VAUDE Core Collection © VAUDThe Green Shape Core Collection will be available in the fall of 2018 and consists of 19 sustainable multiuse Products – clothing, shoes, backpacks – designed for a wide range of outdoor

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activities. They are characterized by a natural look and feel and combine performance with feel-good factor and long service life. The clothing is perfectly matched by a layer system in design and function, from the base layer to the February 2019 Calendar To Print waterproof 3-layer jacket. Around 90% of the many textile materials used in manufacturing are bio-based, recycled or pure natural materials.

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