February 2019 Calendar Templates

Those looking for information today want more resources and faster access across all channels. Libraries therefore need reliable access to the latest technologies to meet the needs of users while keeping costs under February 2019 Calendar Templates control. A pioneer in data technology and an innovator of library-based cloud services, OCLC is ideally positioned to work with member libraries in this complex IT environment.

February 2019 Calendar Templates

As a library cooperative, the needs of our members are directly present to us, together we invent and improve library technologies. More than 500 IT professionals work at OCLC with a variety of programming environments, system responsibilities and product portfolios.

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Some of our employees have over 30 years of technology experience, others are fresh-educated, and all are keen to deliver excellent results. OCLC operates data and development centers in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and the United States. 16,548 member libraries in 124 countries use OCLC services to save time and money and provide their users with easier access to the information they need.

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Fast, flexible application developmentwe develop software and APIs for thousands of libraries worldwide Photos showing application development at OCLC The right tools Our shared, cloud-based infrastructure ensures fast, distributed processing of multiple applications and large data sets in a single server cluster.

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Our developers use the latest technologies to create large-scale, high-availability web applications. Our developers use the latest technologies to create large-scale, high-availability web applications. We use Hadoop / Hbase to manage our collection of library-related databases. Our web applications and APIS are being deployed in data centers around the world using an advanced, service-oriented architecture.

Free Templates February 2019 Calendar Printable Download

Many OCLC applications are powered by data from WorldCat, the world’s largest bibliographic database. With information on more than 2.6 billion library holdings, WorldCat® is a unique resource for libraries and developers alike, providing the opportunity to provide “big data” applications, and thus an integral part of library operations.

February 2019 Calendar Templates

The best results Our attitude to technology leads to more efficiency in the library workflow. Because libraries use OCLC services for so many different solutions, our application developers manage a very diversified portfolio of software products. WorldShare Management Services, our cloud-based management suite, is used by 300+ institutions for many back-office library operations.

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We also offer WorldCat Discoveryan, a library-scanning environment for users, as well as many other library and user-centric services.  It’s exciting to work in technology today, no matter in which field. Working with libraries offers the opportunity to accelerate important new research, to create educational opportunities and to make breakthroughs – as few other areas of work do.

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The confidentiality, integrity and availability of information is of great importance in protecting the security and privacy of libraries and their users. We have employees who are solely responsible February 2019 Calendar Templates for security and have experience in the library and university sectors and in particularly security-conscious areas such as finance, government and military.

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