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such as: DOD (Department of Defense / US Department of Defense), NATO, NSA, FBI, BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology, etc …)   and its Smart Contracts have often made it into the news, February 2019 Calendar Telugu especially the crypto currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum But there is a lot of speculation behind the technology of digital currencies, so called Distributed Ledger technology, which has a lot of potential to change our world and especially the business

February 2019 Calendar Telugu

world. The examples of   technology are very broad and we have Get the most important applications from banking, business, government and other industries together to give you an overview of what’s possible with this technology. Why  ? We briefly listed the 4 key benefits of   technology as many below Ease of Enumerating Data Integrity – Hatching in the   makes it almost

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impossible to change data. Once it has been verified by consensus, the data is immutable and any attempt to change can be tracked. Reliability – Since the   does not have a central failure point, it is almost impossible for it to fail. This makes it easy to withstand external attacks, and disaster recovery is also easy as each system has a copy of the data. Speed ​​and Storage – The

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stores data in the near real-time range. This allows current and fast exchange of large amounts of information. Analysis and transparency – The unchangeable and traceable system of the Bockchain makes it possible to visualize transactions and their effects on the various contractual partners. This helps in the transparency and accurate analysis, since this information can not

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be changed. For a brief introduction to the technology, please read the article on the   here briefly.  application examples at banks and financial institutions International paymentsAs we already above the crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and co., we start with the possibilities of   in the financial world.   is a heavily encrypted database, split across thousands of

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servers, where each entry is verified and encrypted. One can imagine that the resulting consistency and transparency can lead to benefits when it comes to banking transactions. The encryption ensures that the data is secure and the mutual verification makes it safe to the outside and inside to avoid mistakes. The idea behind this is to use the   to handle payments internationally

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without a middleman like a bank, thereby increasing the transaction costs while increasing the speed of transfers. Banks themselves are also in the process of using   to replace their manual international transactions with a simpler and more efficient system. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Transactions There are several providers of direct transactions between individuals, whether Twint,

February 2019 Calendar Telugu

N26, Paypal or others are does not matter. The aim is to enable the transfer of virtual money between individuals and businesses. Unfortunately, many of these systems have their weak points, there may be spatial restrictions or other limitations.   could be used to avoid the risk of hacking or international restrictions.Capital marketsThe ability to handle capital markets

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using   technology is also of interest to big banks such as Credit Suisse and Santander Bank. Since the complexity for the settlement of capital market transactions is much higher, will but also requires much February 2019 Calendar Telugu more time for development. Start-ups like Axioni have already made great progress and have already received JP Morgan investments.

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