February 2019 Calendar Spanish

In addition, unconventional, renewable raw materials such as remnants of cow’s milk, wood or castor oil are used.More information on bio-based materials # ecofair – social and environmentally friendlyFor February 2019 Calendar Spanish the products of the Green Shape Core Collection, VAUDE made a targeted search for environmentally friendly functional materials.

February 2019 Calendar Spanish

Together with the suppliers, new substances and technologies were developed for which there were no solutions so far. Every single material was examined critically from an ecological and social point of view. VAUDE Managing Director Antje von Dewitz: “The entire collection is ‘ecofair’. This means conserving valuable resource reserves by using recycled materials and

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replacing fossil resources with bio-based alternatives, such as: B. from d he plantation kapok, castor oil or cow’s milk. We’re using biodegradable fibers for fleece products for the first time and are harnessing the natural performance of materials to minimize the use of chemicals. “VAUDE ensures that all products, from material extraction to processing, along the entire

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supply chain are environmentally responsible and deliver Yeah, I want Utopia to show me content from Youtube and I can revoke it at any time. Read more in the Utopia Privacy Statement # multiuse – Less Can Do More The Purpose Of The Green Shape Core Collection is wide-ranging. According to the idea of ​​a valuable consumption, the motto is “multiuse”. In order not

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to unnecessarily waste resources, it is important to use only a few products universally, instead of having many special products. The products are designed so that they are suitable for many different activities and can be combined in many ways, depending on the weather. From the easy ski tour, over hiking in the mountains, to the daily ride on the bike to work.Multi use

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From the mountain to the city, the new VAUDE collection covers a wide range of uses.  Ergonomic cuts, intelligent material combinations and a sophisticated, technical design ensure performance with a feel-good factor. Thanks to the timeless look and high-quality workmanship, responsible outdoor athletes in the collection will find durable products that will give them years of

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enjoyment. VAUDE outdoor clothing sustainableThe new VAUDE collection can be used for many years. unique – Unique in design and workmanshipVAUDE is regarded as a pioneer in the subject of sustainability and sets new standards for the outdoor industry time and again. This is impressively evident in every product of the Green Shape Core Collection. Concentrated know-

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how and the innovative strength in the field of sustainability are expressed in this. The collection shows progressively and visionarily into the future of sustainable, innovative outdoor equipment. VAUDE intends to set impulses that will stimulate the industry to rethink and to act in a concrete way. The mountaineering equipment manufacturer reaches the limit of what is technically and economically feasible and consistently applies resource-saving processing methods under fair production

February 2019 Calendar Spanish

conditions. This is unique in this form. Now, this particular collection can boast numerous awards and prizes, including: the ISPO Award, GreenTec Award and IF Design Award in Gold. February 2019 Calendar Spanish The Green Shape Core Collection will be available from autumn 2018 from selected retailers and VAUDE stores. Hans Zimmer is one of the busiest film composers of our time.

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