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When demagnetizing, the user must hold the disc or tape exactly over the built-in solenoid and rotate the media several times. Problem: There are some drawbacks to this technology. It is a completely manual work, which often February 2019 Calendar South Africa has to be repeated, because without proofing you can not be sure that the medium has really been freed completely from data.

February 2019 Calendar South Africa

In addition, the user should also wear special protective gloves, as he comes for a long time in contact with magnetic fields, which doctors and researchers say that they may lead to cancer. The permanent magnet  This   works with two natural magnets with high field strength. The medium to be demagnetized is moved back and forth between these two magnets, thus erasing the

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data. The magnets are always on with this technology. Problem: Since the magnets are always active, the housing must be designed so that no magnetic radiation can get out and affect people or objects. Nevertheless, these devices sometimes have this effect. To contain it, these   are particularly reinforced and therefore heavier. For this reason, their use is usually limited to

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a predefined location, since transport is associated with greater effort. The Impuls- The Impuls-  uses an electromagnetic coil. When such a   is started, it sends a high electro-magnetic pulse through the coil via charged capacitors – on the Ontrack   3.0 from Kroll Ontrack with a peak of more than 18,000 gauss – and thereby destroys all data on the hard disk or the tape. With

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this technology, the medium to be erased is placed inside the coil so that all the plates within the HDD are really covered by the magnetic field. This technology can be used to design hardware   that is relatively small, easy to carry, and uses less energy than the other technologies presented. Problems: None. Since the magnetic fields are only active for a few seconds, no danger to the

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user can be assumed. In addition, the electromagnetic components are completely integrated into the interior of the device so that the user does not come into contact with magnetic fields. Such a   is, for example, the Ontrack Eraser   3.0 from Kroll Ontrack. The “Mixed” Pulse / Permant Magnet  This technology uses both permanent magnet demagnetization and pulse

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demagnetization in combination. After the device by means of Magn eten the data has erased a first time, they are still destroyed by a pulse shock, as shown above.Problem: Although the idea is great in itself, it brings little practical benefits for users. For example, in most cases, the magnetic field spikes of Pulse Technology are so high that there is no data at all that

February 2019 Calendar South Africa

could be destroyed. In addition, the price of such a   is usually higher than that of a device that uses only one technology. Conclusion: From a technical point of view, only two of the methods presented here are safe enough to meet most use cases in

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terms of legal or regulatory requirements: February 2019 Calendar South Africa The Permanent Magnetic   and the Pulse  . But even with this knowledge you should not rely on it alone. It is safer to check according to which standards the offered device works and from which security authorities it is recommended,

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