February 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

Examples are Faktom, Sukochain) Discover Counterfeits Because the data in a   can not be changed, it can also be used to track individual products. For example, products or even medicines can be provided with a code. February 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay With this, the entire history of the product could be retrieved and, for example, you can uncover dangerous counterfeit medicines before you take these potentially dangerous drugs.

February 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

MobilityBy the ability to share information and make property available to someone for a certain amount of time,   would also make our mobility change a lot. So it would be possible to use a car to pay for it directly and you could solve problems such as electric mobility through the use of intelligent contracts through the  .

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Thus, the cost, ownership and use of everything could be distributed on the block chain. Healthcare Because the   can be set up so that only certain people have access to the   Having data and you can still use the worldwide distributed network to store the data, it is perfectly suited to store sensitive data. Thus, patient records, disease histories, reports and much more can be stored

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in the   and only then unlocked for someone, if he is allowed to get this information. Currently, individual databases are created, so-called silos, which are mutually shielded and only forwarded on special request. This leads to inconsistent data and can also lead to problems in the treatment. Also, for example, it would be possible to connect special devices with his own

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patient profile and so create an interactive medical record. For example, blood glucose monitoring and insulin pump readings could be automatically reconciled with the file and adjusted by the physician as needed.EnergySpecially in the complicated energy market, the transparency and traceability of   technology could make great progress. For example, private solar energy

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systems would be easier to bill, energy tracking will be easier, asset management easier, and certificates of origin easier to obtain. This good regulation and also the transparent tracking should have a big influence on a successful change, especially in the energy transition. Another example would be electric cars, where, for example, the energy can be assigned individually to

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each car, no matter where they recharge their batteries, thus making billing easier.  Public sector data management by citizensBecause the system is secure and can not be modified, encrypted and encrypted but mobile, it can also be used in public areas to store data about people such as birth and death date, relationship status, current residence permit, health insurance

Free Kalnirnay February 2019 Calendar Template Download

number etc. Many administrations continue to rely on paper-based systems that are often vulnerable and also for the citizens impractical. This would allow changes to be made quickly and easily online without having to be present at an office.Identity ManagementWith a well-developed solution,   would also create a solution that could validate people’s identities. With enough

February 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

data, it would even be possible to identify and verify the person with only the smallest information, such as a date of birth. As a result, passports, ID cards, driving licenses could be issued more easily, would be February 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay unbelievable and even impossible to lose. Choices A   system would actually be what one would expect from a voting system.

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