February 2018 Calendar Word

” Android had a different approach. “Android opened the system,” says Schläffer, the others wanted to build all closed systems. Apps in the form they are known today were unknown until then. But if the February 2018 Calendar Word system were to become such a success, no one could have guessed: “At the time, one could not foresee how massively the Internet would develop .

February 2018 Calendar Word

” Especially in the direction of mobile access, the smartphone so. At that time, still dominated the stationary access via PC. The time before Android and the iPhone had dominated others, Nokia and Microsoft. But Nokia did not recognize the signs of the times and today is considered a symbol of a sleepy development.

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Even Microsoft came late to how important the mobile world and surfing on the phone would be, and “was always in the balancing act between his various systems,” as Schläffer says. Early on, the discussion about how open Android really was. Schläffer knew the inventor Andy Rubin for some time.

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He had developed in his company Danger back then a smartphone precursor called “Sidekick”, a project that was eventually successfully sold to Microsoft. Even Android was initially independent, but was then taken over in 2005 by Google. “The key question at the time was: Would you need a Google account to use the system?

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” Remembers Schläffer. Google has agreed that will not be the case. “But they never really stuck to it.” Berlin: SZ Economic Summit / Day02 From 1998 to 2010, Christoph Schläffer was responsible for Group strategy and product portfolio at Deutsche Telekom. Together with the Google founders in 2008 he presented the Android operating system in the world.

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“We need a new internet” In principle, but Android is still an open system, and: “I have high respect for the performance of Google.” The fact that the EU has intervened recently and Google has proven with a record fine of 4.3 billion dollars, but Schläffer correct. There are many things integrated into the system, “because the regulators are simply required, they have to intervene there”.

February 2018 Calendar Word

In his opinion, this also applies generally. Seven of the ten most valuable companies in the world came from the technology industry and five from Silicon Valley. You have to see where the developments are going.ANZEIGE61 PERCENT RESIDENTIAL DIGITALTo protect your smart home from hackersIn the internet of things, a smart home is only as well secured as the weakest “thing” that is in the home.

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When a device is attacked, the home network becomes porous. More … As the core of the coming innovations, Schläffer sees the artificial intelligence: “We are on a new threshold in the development of the Internet.”

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The logic of app stores with their now February 2018 Calendar Word billions of individual apps are reaching their limits. “Users spend 80 percent of their time on just three apps,” says Schläffer.

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