February 2018 Calendar With Holidays

While telecom providers and politicians are currently arguing about the nationwide expansion of the old 4G network, the government is currently preparing to launch the mobile real-time Internet. February 2018 Calendar With Holidays In early 2019, the frequencies for this 5G network will be auctioned off. It is technically a huge leap and offers 1000-times higher capacity, a 100-fold connection density and ten times more speed than conventional mobile networks.

February 2018 Calendar With Holidays

The country could leave behind digital weaning at a rapid pace. But the federal government is losing the chance negligently. The gap between aspiration and reality could even become larger rather than smaller. The situation is serious. The future of the industrial site depends on the fast internet.

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On Monday, authorities and politicians will discuss the conditions for the auction and thus also the expansion of the future network. It is about the number and density of the radio masts, and therefore how many dead spots the Germans still have to endure in the new network.

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The pressure on suppliers such as Telekom and Vodafone to be there is great. The government’s bargaining position is excellent. But the ambitions of the responsible Federal Network Agency to finally oblige the providers to build up a much denser and faster network are weak.

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The result: for the next few years, it would be up to the providers to decide whether and how they would harness the network, which is so important for the entire country. It would be clear already now: The fast Internet should remain an unfulfilled dream in many cities and especially in the countryside.

Free With Holidays February 2018 Calendar Template Download

Thus the ditch between centers and periphery grows. How serious the situation is, not only the protest of leading members of parliament makes clear. Even the industry’s strategy speaks volumes. Corporations like Siemens, Volkswagen and BASF no longer want to tolerate the digital average in Germany as an industrial nation and are turning their backs.

February 2018 Calendar With Holidays

They want to take their destiny into their own hands and build their own 5G networks on their premises – to the annoyance of the Telek omfirmen.ANZEIGESMART HOME “Soon you will not be able to buy a home device that is not networked.” You do not have to be a digital native to buy networked devices.

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The market regulates the offer – and that is huge and sometimes bizarre, as the examples of networked hair and dog brushes from the Far East show. More … It would be time for a word of authority from the Chancellery. Or at least for critical voices from the digital council, the digital cabinet or the digital minister of state.

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They would have to demand that the assignment of February 2018 Calendar With Holidays frequencies be made tough and that effective sanctions should be established in case the providers want to pull out of the affair. But in the digital government apparatus there is radio silence.

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