February 2018 Calendar USA

Probably because he fears for billions. For those who demand from the industry a dense and therefore expensive network, gets less at the auction for the licenses. Money that has probably been planned elsewhere. February 2018 Calendar USA When he saw the results on screen, Max Hui Bai got scared.

February 2018 Calendar USA

As is so often the case, the psychology doctoral student used the crowd-sourcing platform Mechanical Turk for his polls. But what worked well so far, suddenly made no sense. Open questions were answered with incoherent gibberish, he could not use half of the questionnaires, the study a case for the garbage.

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After other researchers report similar, has now been substantiated in the scientific community, the suspicion that resourceful users automatic bots to answer the Set up questionnaires. And these bots are far from providing consistent answers. Amazon’s crowdsourcing platform, as well as similar offerings, is a convenient way to get survey results quickly.

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Thousands of studies are done this way each year. In the US, up to half of all social science surveys are based on parts of Mechanical Turk. Hacking is not only problematic from an epistemological point of view. Because it’s not just humanities scientists who collect data on the platform.

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But also computer scientists who want to train their artificial intelligence (AI) here. In the IT security scene, there are now fears that this data could be used by hackers to hack the AI’s. The best way to deceive a self-learning machine is to teach her the wrong things. The technical term for this is Adversarial Example, so hostile or opposite example.

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When exposed to this data, the machines seem to hallucinate, they see things as true that are not there. Computers perceive the world differently. The image recognition algorithms do not open up their environment through a mixture of light stimuli, movements and contours. But only by analyzing a collection of pixels.

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And if only a few of these pixels are manipulated, an AI can get completely out of their mind. For the human eye, however, the deformations are imperceptible. The computer, on the other hand, causes them to misclassify a photograph or sentence. Experience has shown that once identified, vulnerabilities are exploited.

February 2018 Calendar USA

However, examples are still academic in nature. But that does not make them any less grotesque and scary. For example, the algorithm recognizes a rifle on a photo instead of the depicted turtle. A man with silly glasses on his face is identified as the Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich.

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An automatic forum moderation software recognizes hefty insults as compliments. Or by a few February 2018 Calendar USA cleverly placed stickers in the perception of a self-driving car from a stop sign a sign to lift the speed limit. Everything started on November 20, 1985.

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