February 2018 Calendar Printable

Real is testing facial recognition for point-of-sale advertising, causing a stir. Amazon Fresh starts in Germany and makes the competition nervous. Chatbots arrange a test drive at the car dealer. No doubt: the digitization February 2018 Calendar Printable of trade has reached a new stage of development and is changing the rules of the game. But where does the digital transformation go and what comes next?

February 2018 Calendar Printable

“Today there are numerous fields of experimentation, from advice via chatbots to the use of robots at the point of sale, but not everything that is technically possible is accepted and used by customers,” says futurologist Janine Seitz. Traders should therefore think beyond technologization.

Coffin nail of the trade Also, the Institute for Trade Research (IFH Cologne) advises the trade to act and identifies the following problem areas:

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  1. Trade acts past the customer: Many measures of the trade do not arrive with customers – for example 20 to 25 per cent of the customers do not know, whether an on-line shop or a shop of the dealer exists, with which she straight stationary or on-line bought.
  2. The end of the classic customer journey is approaching: purchasing processes are changing dramatically and new business models are increasingly blocking the classic customer journey.

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  1. Trade seeks frequency and brings no more: Only a few dealers are themselves visitor magnet – the environment decides.
  2. Dynamics in Retail Splits City and Country: Demand for technology and consumer demands are leading on the demand side to a two-class society between metropolises and rural regions.

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5. Manufacturers and marketplaces challenge established retailers: Retailers increasingly need exclusive access to their customers fear.- PUBLISHING-6. Personal acts as a coffin nail of the trade: Investing in qualified personnel is vital, so that it can be the decisive factor for success especially in the digital age.

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One conclusion: If you want to survive, you must consistently orientate yourself to customer needs, strengthen your own brand, recruit qualified staff, and partners search and market shopping places not just as a consumer temple. From a shopping center to a lifestyle center

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This is also supported by the findings of the Retail Report, according to which these trends determine the future development of retail: Human Retail: People are back in the spotlight Companies that put technological achievements at the service of people will succeed in the future.

February 2018 Calendar Printable

In a digitized world of the future, traders become agents of human yearnings, trading places become creative habitats that offer sensuous and personal experiences. The shopping center becomes a lifestyle hub. The shopping centers are slowing down. After years of growth, a phase of (re) Vitalization, optimization and recollection.

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Hybrid mixed-use concepts are transforming shopping centers into lifestyle hubs and enabling them to integrate¬†February 2018 Calendar Printable into people’s everyday lives. Food retailers are becoming colorful and diverseThe industry is experiencing a trading up in all areas resulting in a merger of traditional distribution concepts.

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