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Submissions on the Tiananmen Square massacre, the Taiwan issue, as well as homosexual rights and the “Me Too” debate are being dropped by programs such as Piyao. February 2018 Calendar PDF If users are looking for people like Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who died in Chinese custody last year, they only receive error messages.

February 2018 Calendar PDF

ither results can not be found or referenced directly to the law, which penalizes the publication of articles on such topics.ANZEIGECONNECTED HOMEWould you entrust your credit card information to your babysitter? For years, the trend toward home networking has dominated the IT industry.

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State-of-the-art sensor technology is being used to make life more comfortable – even for hackers. More … In 2017 alone, 500 million articles were deleted on Wechat, the Chinese counterpart to Whatsapp. Thousands of search terms are banned in China, including “Pu the Bear”

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(President Xi Jinping has a certain resemblance to the plump honey lover), the book titles “1984” and “Animal Farm” (parallels between the stories and China today) and the ” imperial coronation “(since Xi Jinping has extended his mandate indefinitely).

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To escape the censors, Chinese bloggers are developing always new nicknames and codewords: If a user’s account is blocked, and it starts with a new login, a new account, the bloggers speak of “reincarnation”; threatens a police control, it is said that “pipes should be tested”. But despite the hide and seek, Beijing is on their heels – with Piyao even denser than before.

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Christopher Schläffer still sees the scene of September 23, 2008. Exactly ten years ago, Schläffer was then board member for innovation at Deutsche Telekom, he was in a station on the New York subway, next to Android developer Andy Rubin and Peter Chou, boss of the mobile phone manufacturer HTC, 100 in front of him Journalists and 500 bloggers.

Free PDF February 2018 Calendar Template Download

And then the Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin come running on roller skates, holding in their hands a poster that promotes something that at that time hardly anyone knows, but would change the world: the smartphone operating system Android. The Austrian Schläffer , now 49 years old and Chief Digital Officer of communications group Veon, had previously negotiated with Apple’s Tim Cook

February 2018 Calendar PDF

the exclusive deal to launch the iPhone in Germany. So now it was about Android and the first phone built for it, the G1. “I was very surprised at how big the crowd was,” he recalls. And also that he was pretty nervous. For at a status meeting three weeks before the subway deadline, developers had to admit that hundreds of errors were still in the Android code.

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“Android opened the system” Nevertheless, the system was received with great enthusiasm. “There were some important developments at the time,” says Schläffer today, “such as the form factor: the smartphones of the time were cumbersome February 2018 Calendar PDF to operate, and Apple revolutionized the user interface.

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