February 2018 Calendar Excel

He believes, “We need a new internet.” How should you in the wealth of apps still the discover that you would like and use yourself? “This system has largely failed.” Android also suffers from the fact that it is much February 2018 Calendar Excel more complex to write software for a variety of devices, rather than Apple only for a few models whose hardware you have even under control.

February 2018 Calendar Excel

Even that, says Schläffer, could eventually become a problem for Android and make room for competing developments. But how do you get out of the dilemma? “The Internet must use the context,” says Schläffer, “a new logic must be developed.” Above all, because he sees the app technology as a dead end, he is convinced that it would be quite possible to break the dominant.

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duopoly from Android and Apple’s iOS with an innovative approach, “even if it could be as if that is impossible “. An important role for him is the human-machine interaction, which could, for example, use language as an input option even more than before. Where Android has indisputable merits, but is access to the Internet.

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While Apple’s strategy is to ensure high margins, the Android system allows cell phone manufacturers to bring even cheaper devices to the market. “It’s always about access to the Internet,” says Schläffer. “Every second person in the world is not using the Internet yet.” While a household in Western countries spends about one percent of the annual income on smartphones with Internet access, in Tanzania it is an average of ten percent.

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“Since Android plays an important role,” he is sure. However, he also critically sees that Google uses the system to collect a lot of data from its users, because this is necessary for the ad-supported business model of the search engine group.

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In contrast, Apple could present itself as privacy-friendly, because it would not be necessary for the group’s business model to collect so much data. The signals that the federal government sends are clear: Germany is a digital country. There is a Digital Cabinet, a Digital Council and a Minister of State for Digital.

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rom the digitization depends on the prosperity, said Chancellor Angela Merkel to the start of the grand coalition. That’s why the country must be at the forefront of digital networks. After all, they should enable the Internet of Things, drive autos automatically and make the everyday life of Germans even more digital.

February 2018 Calendar Excel

However, many citizens are wondering if they still live in the same country. The signals that arrive with them are completely different. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, in the foothills of Berlin,

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Hesse or Bavaria, millions of people have to walk up and February 2018 Calendar Excel down their garden in their garden to open a website. The government’s promises are far from keeping pace with digital life. There is a great opportunity to change the switch.

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