February 2018 Calendar Canada

Google has a global market share of search engines of about 80 percent, the parent e Holding Alphabet, which offers yet another, is worth more than $ 800 billion (as much as the eight most valuable German com February 2018 Calendar Canada panies put together). Every day, the site answers 5.5 billion questions. Big questions (“What is the meaning of life?”),

February 2018 Calendar Canada

Trivialities (“best sausage in Nuremberg?”) Or, before, the greatest intimacy reveal (“Is this normal?”). Every sixth Google search is a question that the searcher has never asked before, says New York entrepreneur and marketing professor Scott Galloway. “The ancient gods may hear our prayers, but they seldom answer.

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The new god, Google, is generous with his wisdom.” And the great thing is that it does not bother anyone that this god becomes infinitely rich. More than $ 12 billion in profits made Google’s parent company Alphabet 2017.How much Google has changed the world, it is clear, if one remembers the Internet before Google.

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Also in 1998 there were already search engines, many even. The market leaders Altavista, Yahoo or Excite, however, were more like an attempt at deliberate confusion than the Enlightenment. The superstars of the first dot-com hype built their pages to sprawling portals – the weather here, news down there, next to horoscopes, maybe even stock quotes or a few excursion tips?

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And somewhere in between, hard to find, the search window. It should be a “best of” the Internet, the search function, one thought at that time, you rarely need. Here’s the knowledge, says the site. No Tricks, Only Knowledge Over the chaos hovered, blinked and annoyed: Banner advertising.

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Like a billboard on the highway, she yelled at anyone who came by. And like the highway, the ad space became more valuable the more traffic jams there were. Yahoo and the others were not interested in getting their users up to speed. Longer waiting times, more money for the search engines. It was a system for internet companies.

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And a system against the customers. ADVERTISED NETWORKED CHILDREN’S ROOMSmart Toys – and their Dangerous Smart Toys are meant to bring fun. But the fact that the networked goodies are not without, became clear at the latest when the Federal Network Agency in 2017 called owners to destroy already purchased smart watches and dolls. More …

February 2018 Calendar Canada

Even worse, the search itself did not work. The search engines of that time scoured the Internet for the typed in term and threw the result in no particular order to the user’s feet.

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It was like looking for a horse-straightening manual in a library and getting all those books in February 2018 Calendar Canada which the word “horse” appeared somewhere. And then came Google. The page: white, the colorful Google logo, a search window.

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