December 2018 Calendar Spanish

“Fresh Energy’s app shows real-time power consumption By the way, only the electricity actually consumed is to be paid for, which is pure Ököstrom and not the cheapest on the market, explains December 2018 Calendar Spanish Gaertner, but the average saving is twelve percent, because whoever controls his electricity consumption consumes less In the last corner:

December 2018 Calendar Spanish

New Ideas for the Vacuum CleanerSuction robots have revolutionized floor care, but that doesn’t mean the ordinary vacuum cleaner disappears from the home.

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Product tests and experts confirm: The little robots are more for the daily routine, the regular ones However, they do not manage to clean up to the very last corner, so it’s not surprising that at this year’s IFA

December 2018 Calendar Spanish

too Year new models for traditional forms of floor care are seen. Especially the advancement of battery technology plays a role. With no cable in the way, maneuvering on and over the ground is easier.

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But for a long time models with batteries compared to cable devices were rather underachieving and had to be recharged quickly – that has now changed. Bosch adds the options for its new hand-held vacuum cleaner

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Unlimited with a second battery and a quick charger as an accessory. An hour of charging time is required by the provider. In addition, as with other manufacturers, the batteries can also be used in other Bosch devices. The AEG FX9 battery cleaner has LEDs on the front, so that, for example, crumbs under the couch are easier to see. The FX9 battery cleaner from AEG has front LEDs,

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so that, for example crumbs under the couch are better visible. Manufacturers also supplement their devices with practical details. AEGs battery model FX9 brings LEDs on the front of the attachment, so that under the sofa, the crumbs can be better detected. Rowenta offers a handle with integrated furniture brush for its new Silence Force Full Care Pro 4A ++ and Silence Force Multi-Cyclonic 4A vacuum cleaners.

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In this way, the annoying change is omitted when, for example, from the table on a shelf changes. In our image gallery you will find all photos of the vacuum cleaner Google makes his assistant bilingual. Google has taught its speaking assistance software as the first provider to understand two languages ​​simultaneously.

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Previously, the Google Assistant, as well as the competing programs Alexa from Amazon or Siri from Apple, had to be set to a specific language. Now, any pair can be selected from the languages ​​English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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The assistant then responds in the language in which the request was made. Other languages ​​will follow in the coming months – and over time, three languages ​​will be supported at the same time.

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The new capability will benefit bilingual households, among others – in the past, English song titles, for example, sometimes pushed assistant programs to their limits.33 million Pixels and zapping by voice: The new mega TV TVs from Panasonic: TCL and LG are taking first steps in the direction of the 8K resolution (7680 to 4320 pixels),

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which means a further quadrupling the number of pixels on the screen. For the December 2018 Calendar Spanish viewer that means: Same seat distance to the device, larger screen and a finer Bild.Weil films and series in 8K but so far are rare, existing footage is upscaled to 8K.

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