December 2018 Calendar PDF

Wireless headphones that sit comfortably for twelve hours? Gadgets that transfer music, phone calls or even translations from the mobile device directly into the ear? Multifunctional connections to the connected world of tomorrow? – All these are the hearing aids from ReSound too December 2018 Calendar PDF; and they set standards for interfaces between humans and technology.

December 2018 Calendar PDF

But above all, these smart products are top-of-the-range audiological solutions that guarantee their wearers the best possible hearing at all times, after having been expertly adapted in the audio-visual specialist shop.

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ReSound has long dominated the technological trend towards smart hearing device networking.

In the coming days, the leading manufacturer of hearing aids presents itself for the fifth time at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin. At the world’s leading consumer electronics show,

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ReSound is already providing a range of up-to-the-minute news – in particular about the new ReSound LiNX Quattro

Premium hearing aid and the recently announced partnership with Google, for the first time providing direct, full sound streaming in hearing aids from Android mobile devices. Interested parties can find hearing aid shops throughout Germany via the info page where they can experience the smart ReSound hearing aids without obligation.

Hearing aid ReSound LiNX Quattro and the other smart hearing aids from ReSound combine leading-edge audiological technology with state-of-the-art control options via app, wireless audio connection to iOS and Android smartphones, and maximum customizability.

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“These products are often perceived as trendy, multifunctional wearables,” says Joachim Gast, Managing Director of ReSound Deutschland for many years. “This impression has promoted the image change that the traditionally rather less popular hearing aids have been experiencing for some years, and apart from that.

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our hearing aids are and will remain first-class medical products that are tailored exactly to the needs and wishes of the respective wearer by hearing care professionals and hearing care professionals can.”┬áThe highlight of this year’s IFA appearance is the ReSound LiNX Quattro [TM] hearing aid,

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a unique Premium-Plus hearing aid that will be available from 1 September. The now fourth generation of successful LiNX hearing aids opens up people with limited hearing, even in noisy environments, with very comfortable hearing and understanding.

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“This is made possible by a new chip, which offers 100 percent more computing power, 100 percent additional memory and a 35 percent higher frequency bandwidth compared to its predecessor”, says Joachim Gast. “The sound is processed here in a new way, resulting in brilliant listening experiences with excellent sound and excellent music reproduction.”

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The world leader in hearing technology is battery technology. The small system integrates a lithium-ion battery – the longest-lasting in the entire hearing aid market. In addition, the energy consumption of sound streaming has been reduced by 25 percent. December 2018 Calendar PDF is the only hearing aid that can be used for more than 24 hours, even if 50 percent of that time is spent listening to, talking on the phone or streaming other sounds.

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